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Glad to hear!

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I like the film quite a bit. I think it's a good movie if you are feeling alone and wishing you were somewhere else.

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Oh yeah, I forgot this is what new people do the site.

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I'm not gonna lie: this game looks really fun. And I hate truck simulators.

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I agree. No matter how much money he or anyone else like him has accumulated, I have zero respect for the way it was acquired. Folks like the staff members of this site may play games for a living; but that also includes the work of critiquing, editing, organizing, marketing, producing, and so forth. These people work to earn that scratch. I don't think I can ever live with dignity that I simply play games for a living, or even feel proud telling a stranger that. Real hustle yo.

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He was once a boy, but later evolved into a golden turd which exists in another dimension beyond our own.

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No, because part of it is Jeff doing his personality bit, so don't take it too seriously (him hating Yoshi's Island is a running joke). I also say no because, yeah, I'm tired of a lot shit from this industry, not just from Nintendo. Besides the fact that I'm too busy to play a lot of games like I used to, there hasn't been a whole lot out there anymore for me to get excited about (they are all the same to me). I'm definitely excited about the Witcher 3, and I'll dabble in some smaller games every once awhile, but video games and the industry itself rarely put out anything remotely interesting to invest time and money in. This is all just my opinion, but if it is one that Jeff and I share, then I feel for him because he's the bigger game enthusiast.

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That sort of negativity is often bad for your health, so don't worry about it so much and enjoy a longer life than the other saps.

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Wait, so no one is going to say anything about how a crow BORE ITSELF THROUGH SOME DUDE'S FUCKING SKULL? I'm sure that qualifies for something awesome.

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Whatever, I think the track used is hilariously awesome.