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My chat avatar is showing a picture of doomguy I uploaded back in 2008. The last time I changed it was in July.

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Playing Oblivion for the first time. Paused at midnight, threw some fireworks, and then jumped back in.

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Nah, only fireworks. Some were mine. :)

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A frog in 7th grade and sheep's eye and brain in high school.

And all three dissections happened before lunch.

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I've been using this photo I took of Cult of Luna.

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I'm jealous of that lady's PRS guitar in the first 2 videos.


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I'm more shocked by people here demonizing the microwave as a something that promotes unhealthy diets. I think Vinny's reasoning was weird though. May as well turn off all electronics.

Goddamn yuppies.

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So many great moments. Aerosmith playing in the opening sequence, the jolly stroll in the 50s, Asha's loyalty mission (this snake is solid!), the evil version of my boss lady, Saints of Rage, all the romance sequences, potty mouth CID, catching up with Gat in the Genki stuff. Oh, and that dubstep gun.

Singing with Pierce has to be my favorite moment of any loyalty mission. It was about 2 am when I yelled out ZINYAK RUINED IT just seconds before they say "he ruined Biz Markie". And there's still so much more. I might just start with another character tonight.

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That edition was in my mailbox (stupid free subscription from Ticketmaster). At a quick glance, the 10 page article seems to focus on his messed up life that led up to the bombings. I haven't decided if I want to read it or not. It really depends if I get bored of drawing dicks on the cover.

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I have a sealed copy of MGS: The Legacy Collection sitting on a pile of other games, and I downloaded Hotline Miami for the PS3. Have not touched either.

I've spent most of my time playing my guitar.