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Trainer Name: Ghost

FC: 2277-7934-0400

Version: X

Edit: Just finished adding everyone up to Variath

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Origin ID- GhostCrab007

Availability- Weekdays after 8PM PST. Weekends all day.

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Daaaang, round 2 is shaping up very iteresting! Looks like the only guarantee is Muir v Lang (Muir). Things will get personal with Chan v Smith, Lemon v Kessler and Barnett v Gouskos (assuming Carrie beats Leigh). I'm gonna say finals will be Vignocchi v Rorie, Vignocchi takes it (even though I think Muir or Gallup should be the real winner).

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@Sputty: As a former developer who worked under shitty conditions, everybody better hope unionization doesnt happen. Unless you want your games to cost twice as much or not come out at all, developers need to work their own problems out without resorting to creating a centralized bureaucracy that will take a large cut of every developer's pay and slow every production to a crawl.

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Nah, duder. It's a hangar with broadcast towers around it.

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Aw man... only Bon?

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I'm more worried about how she's gonna get rid of those head tendrills...  Also, they're far from happily ever after at the end, the only thing that kind of wrapped up was Kerrigan turning into a human, but I'll wager she'll either be still crazy and homicidal, or racked with guilt over killing billions of humans and protoss while she was the Queen of Blades.  The ending only seemed abrupt because it was supposed to be a cliffhanger.

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I'm a fan of harvest moon, but all of the ones PSP (Innocent Life, Hero of Leaf Valley and the Port of Friends of Mineral Town) are all sub-par compared to the HM games on DS.  If you really want one, Leaf Valley is probably your best choice.  In terms of good endless grind games for PSP, Disgaea 2 is a great choice and you can pretty much grind forever in that game.

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I hope going to e3 gets you free beta passes like Dice did last year for Battlefield.

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Hey everyone!  I got an itch to make a mega list of all of the video games I own, and I thought Giant Bomb would be the best place to do it.  I was sadly unable to find a fleshed out "collections" feature on my profile.  I realize I can just make a "list" of all the games, but It'd be nice to be able to sort the list based on release date/console/genre/etc, and maybe have some way to annotate the games based on if I beat them or give them a general review score.  Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, or there might have been a discussion about a similar feature somewhere else on the forums.  Anyone have any input before I settle for some lesser website to host my archive?