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Ricciardo seemed cooked early on, and then just cruised the second half of the race.

What a dude.

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Is Pungi the person who didn't know much about American football or fantasy during the draft?

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People might also want to consider that in addition to video staff being limited, they are still probably short on video gear after having it stolen at E3, so the ability to have many things going on at once is limited.

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I will take offers on any of my top 3 awesome WR's (Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant or TY Hilton), I could use a RB upgrade, and would consider packaging RG3 with a Wideout for an upper level guy . Midnight Brown's, I have seen your offer, and am considering it, but as that RB is on my local team, I am suspect of his value after these first two weeks.

- Nick

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I am Ghostface's Killers. And I again intend to run roughshod over you all.

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I am also one of those lame individuals wqho has a steam account, but no non-free games. I'd be interested in checking this out, if anyone can spare a key.

Account name: chainsaw318

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The Cricket!

So, is it now ok for me to start posting pictures of my puppy, and asking Rorie to rate it? It would have seemed somehow more weird before.

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I thought this was a really well-written story. Its always great to get a bit of a deep dive on the game industry where things don't come together or ever see the light of day.

Nicely done sir.

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As a US/ North American guy, I'd be interested in some big dumb fun with a bunch if other people, should a crew want to come together