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The AV Club reviews of the series basically nailed my problem with the show: The writers fell in love with their own character. Dexter was no longer a fucked up monster carrying out unspeakable acts, he was a wounded little hero who needed protecting, and all of his actions were understandable and justified because the world just didn't love him enough. Every opportunity to build up tension and potentially have consequences on the character unfailingly fizzled and it just became boring.

Add to that the constant reset button. In a show like Breaking Bad - hell, even Sons of Anarchy, which isn't even that good - the writers don't shy away from messing up the status quo every season.

It's not that the reset button is a bad thing, because it can work. In a show like Justified, it makes more sense since it shows how stuck in a loop both Raylan and Boyd are until one of them shoot each other, but in Dexter it meant the writers doing away with elements of the show that were too hard to write around.

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Eurogamer, Destructoid, PC Gamer and The Guardian - where people tend to know how to read without the assist of an adult - gave it positive scores, so that's what I'm taking into account, unlike garbage the like of Polygon or IGN, so I'm hopeful.

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@castiel: City's better that Asylum because there is more to once story is over than collect riddler trophies and solve riddles that's why when the came up with side quest you could have something else to do than collect trophies

100% of the sidequests can - and most probably are - done before the main story ends. Once those are done, you get only Riddler trophies, which were completely overkill in City.

I like City a lot, but Asylum was a tight experience with perfect pacing - something that City maybe didn't fail to be, but had problems by not modifying the Asylum formula enough to accommodate its open-world sensibilities. I hope Knight does that, because if it's a much bigger City/Origins with a billion more Riddler trophies, then no thanks.

Plus, Origins didn't really have any hype. If anything, people were wary of it due to not being a Rocksteady game. In fact, the reception to that game warmed up months later when people realized that it's the best written Arkham game.

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But Brad said he was at the Dentist that day... why would they go without Brad?

The Dentist? OH MY GOD THEY'RE PLAYING PAYDAY 2no they're not, 'cause Jeff is a party pooper. : (

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I like how Bungie's approach to the loot-driven game is "let's barely have drops so that people spend time trying to grind that shit out of pure frustration", while Blizzard's since Loot 2.1.0 is "let's smother these fuckers in legendaries until they have to make alts for their moms and significant others to even properly distribute all this shit". And it took a while for Blizzard to get that, and I'm afraid it will take Bungie even longer.

What's so depressing about Bungie is that they have tons and tons of situations that they could have learned from over the last year or two - hell, just looking at the aforementioned Diablo III - and they are just doing rookie mistakes. Instead of trying to save face trying to hype up shooting in the right direction, they should be posting shit like "alright, fuck this, we're revamping the loot system come November, so you can reexperience the old content and get ready for the first expansion".

Instead of that promise, you get asinine shit like the first group doing the game's very first raid getting precisely jack shit and interpreting the loot cave phenomenon as "oh, great, you fuckers, you tried exploits, huh? Well gues what, no one's getting any loot now!" istead of "we fucked up so bad people would rather stand in one spot and hold R2 instead of playing our game".

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I'm pretty sure there was zero Nolan North. Just imagine if you had replaced Peter Dinklage with Nolan North. Like, if you're going to have one voice actor carry your entire shoehorned under-baked story, why would you not have that guy be Nolan North?

Troy Baker.

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I remember Jeff telling a story about how he drove with his dad in a '65 Impala listening to N.W.A.

Sorry for your loss, stay strong.

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I'm a sucker for Assassin's Creed and I would, but I doubt I'll be able to play it on my PC considering how badly Watch Dogs ran.

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I wish there were more awesome Early Access stories like the Abyss Odyssey one instead of this sort of shit, but oh well.