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@ghostiet: Child abuse and substance abuse are themes that are fairly important to the story, I'd say it's handled pretty well but what the hell do I know I'm just some dude on the internet?

Colored me interested then. The limb sacrificing mechanic is cool, too.

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Will check out. My only question is whether it touches on themes as mature and as maturely as the Mother series did, because the combination of serious shit and its whimsical tone made those games so special, not just the silliness.

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I'm thinking about Dungeon of the Endless. Any good?

It's fucking bitchin'. Too bad you missed the -50% from yesterday, I grabbed it then and I do not regret a thing, it's awesome.

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@beachthunder: No the makers of Frog Fractions are making a game that is as incognito as Frog Fractions was and they are putting it out in the wild with no fanfare when they are done. They are hoping people will discover it organically like they did Frog Fractions. Once it is found they will confirm that the game is indeed Frog Fractions 2 and all will be well. It was all part of the Frog Fractions 2 kickstarter.

Well, in that case, the Hatred theory doesn't make much sense - that has the most fanfare (well, err, reverse fanfare?)

I know some of the people who are making Hatred (unfortunately, I've studied a parallel game design course with some of them, including the guy who was outed as a neo-nazi "radical nationalist" + my level design teacher is their former teacher and co-worker) and I can assure you that this is way too subtle and smart for them.

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God, I hope.

I thought that I'm tired of ZMF, but then he described Assassin's Creed IV as "sailing on the high seas as Captain Jax Teller" and I just couldn't stop laughing.

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No thanks. L.A. Noire was a poorly designed puzzle game with a gimmick and a fairly bad plot and characterization, especially of the main hero. I would up again for that sort of atmosphere it wanted to have, but I don't keep my hopes too high.

@meptron: The facial animations of L.A. Noire were hardly that ahead of the time due to how limited that technology was. You could have only one face in motion at the time - which is why the whole game has very static shots with only one character on the screen at the time if it's possible and why your partner rarely ever interjects or even gets involved in conversations. Plus, it was coupled with subpar motion capture, which made those facial animations stand out against the robotic mocap.

So yeah, not really, it was a gimmick at best.

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Not lead or supporting roles, though. Yes, Steve Blum is literally in everything, but not video game leading roles, or even supporting roles for that matter, no doubt due to his aversion to motion capture. Hell, the only video game lead role that first comes to mind is of Garcia Hotspur. I'm sure they're others, but nothing quite as notable.

There's leading man Grayson Hunt in Bulletstorm (great performance, too) and plenty of lead villain roles - like in MGS, for one. He's also THE guy for Wolverine in everything that doesn't specifically require Hugh Jackman, which was one game. I'd say it has more to do with the fact that his voice is more suited for a villain/jerk anti-hero in the end. It's definitely not as versatile as North or Baker in terms of tone. Kinda similar to Fred Tatasciore, who in addition is also a fairly large man, although if W. Earl Brown could get into a mo-cap suit for Bill in TLoU, I guess even Gabe Newell could.

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No other voice actor besides Troy Baker is currently getting more lead and supporting roles in video games.

Eh, Steve Blum, who is in everything since time immemorial, or Cowboy Bebop. Liam O'Brien, too, although he does a lot of voice direction on the side and like Bloom, a lot of monster voices - like he did both for the Infected in TLoU.

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@yummylee: The only time either of them are easy to pick out is when the VO director tells them to do their voices that way. No one knew The Penguin was Nolan North just by hearing it just like Baker's Joker was unidentifiable unless people already knew or were told.

I could tell, having heard enough. Both North and Baker have distinctive voices enough that if you know enough of their work, you can pick up some the sounds. The only times it was hard to identify Nolan North for me was Seymour in Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. The Last of Us, too, but that was mostly because of how different that role was than his usual work - he speaks silently for most of it and it's just a very different character. For Baker, the Scoundrel in Diablo III was kinda odd, because that was the first time I heard him in an English accent. Baker is in general a different case, though, because he's just as prolific as North, but is also allowed way more range than he was during the height of his popularity - just look at last year, where Troy Baker is Booker, Joker and Joel, all major characters in major releases, but it's Baker's normal speaking voice, a top notch Mark Hamill impression and a deeper, Southern drawl.

Laura Bailey is trickier, ironically, despite having the most distinctive female voice apart from Jennifer Hale. While she has this kinda sultry tone at almost all times, once she hides it, she hides it good - like with Rise in Persona 4 or Faye in Binary Domain, where it really isn't immediately obvious. Especially when you contrast it with stuff like Aunty Greenleaf in The Wolf Among Us, where she just speaks more from the throat.

Also, as an aside - no one curses better in this industry than Laura Bailey. No one. The Boss in SR3/4 and Kaine in Nier are fucking golden.

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No Photoshop needed:

Lots of old photos of Alex on the Head board flickr here.

(Also he looks like a 90's boy band member. The internet can be a scary thing)

Was he in a Letters to Cleo cover band or something?

Nah, he was in an indie-ska-hip-hop band. Jeff was also there and he has some sick verses on Brendan Goes to College.

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Cullen is an OG Origins character too. Back when he was just a goof.

True, but his role was really minor. Also he is one of the few plot "wwaaaaattt????" characters as I seem to recall he can die rather easily in DA1 if you do some pretty popular choices. Fortunately for me I have always sided with Cullen on most things. Not fortunate for Wynne though.... :D

No, Cullen never dies in DA:O. His epilogues are also handwaved as rumors.