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Wowee Zowee.

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Aaaand what I predicted about Sansa - that it's just a way to revert her back to the status quo after a season's worth of character development - rings true. Fuck that shit.

Rest was alright, though. Watching Cersei get hers was cathartic. Rosabell Laurenti Sellers is a beautiful woman and has a great set of breasts, but I wish Game of Thrones would quit doubling down on gratuitous nudity - the scene was almost as ridiculous as Littlefinger talking bullshit why we watch two girls go at it.

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Also, speaking of Geralt's accent, here's a bit of trivia - it's actually fake. Geralt of Rivia isn't actually from Rivia, Vesemir just instructed him to pick a name that sounds good. He initially wanted to call himself Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde, but he was told it's stupid and pretentious. He only gets officially recognized with that name after he is "knighted" with that name for defending the Yaruga bridge.

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@ares42: I guess. It's hard for me to talk about balance since the AI is the only point of reference. I would have to play it with a human being to get a good sense of it.

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It's just the writing and voice acting in the English version. The Polish Geralt is much less one-note and his lines are given much more flair - Jacek Rozenek does a lot to make Geralt homely and cool and then dangerous in a blink of an eye. It's audible in his threats especially - when he threatens a merchant that if he doesn't pay, the invisible hand of commerce is going to react and whoop his ass it sounds both hilarious and threatening, mostly because of Rozenek's delivery.

In general, I've noticed that the language of the English version of the Witcher is much more rigid and less coloquial than in Polish, which is perhaps to the detriment of it. At the same time, I can't seem to figure out how to translate the very specific character of the Polish writing into English.

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@ares42: Eh, that's why those hero cards come in play when setting up bad weather - their scores are set in stone and can't be modified positively or negatively and can't be removed, so the AI has to waste cards if they don't have their own.

Sure, it's risky, but I've won plenty of matches by baiting the AI into wasting their higher value cards by playing the archery lane while having a Yennefer card - I leave myself with maybe one unit there in round 3, then I start a round with Yennefer, drop something potent to the melee/catapult lane through her (which negates Scorch nicely most of the time) and focus on building those. Then I wait 'til there's maybe 1-2 cards left each and I drop a fog card. It works well against Nilfgaard, since more often then not the AI playing that deck likes to put Commander's Horn onto the archery lane, since that's the one with the highest amount of bullshit (like the Nilfgaardian Archer).

A good way to negate weather cleaners is to have in hand those you don't need. Drop a Foltest default or use a Frost you don't want and the AI will finally waste that shit. Unless you have terrible luck and that AI keeps 3 of those fuckers, you're good to go - even if it has 2, you can wait until the last moment to drop the weather card you need.

I'd really like to see Gwent in a PvP setting, because that's what would make discerning if the balance is shit or not much easier. Right now, we're debating abusing AI patterns, so it's not that measurable - especially since I've had Monster decks that just annihilated themselves in round one with little input of mine.

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@ares42: Weather cards counter Commander's Horn nicely, since the only thing to do in that situation is to either brute force a lane or have several weather cleaners, which you can bait the AI to waste fairly easily. As long as you have hero cards in your deck and the means to get them into your hand, the AI can go fuck itself with that Commander's Horn, as you can just drop them in the bad weather lane and call it a day, focusing on building other lanes, while they'll have a 20 at best from that lane. This tactic becomes problematic only with Nilfgaard, as the deck has several high-value cards, which makes Scorch a bit too important.

@rubberbabybuggybumpers: @cagliostro88:Exactly. Similarly, if you have a different Foltest (the default for example) and roll a fog at the beginning of the match, reroll that shit immediately.

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@rubberbabybuggybumpers: Bait them. Bait Scoia'tael and Monster decks with shit cards and hero abilities in the first round so that they use up all of their best stuff early on - even in that picture you can see that it worked, as hero cards are one-time use only, so now the AI has lost a potential tie-breaker. Hell, get a Djikstra or Stennis in your deck, you'll roll them fairly often and drop them at the very beginning of the first round - their ability is that they are added to the count of your opponent, but you get two cards from your deck in your hand. It'll force your opponent into making a move and you get two free cards for the price of losing a round you've already decided to lose.

Seriously. Set yourself up for the next round in the first one. That medic card you have is perfect for such setups: you drop a high card, like that trebuchet or one of those catapults in round one, it goes to the discarded deck. Then, first thing you do in round 2 is you drop the medic and take that trebuchet or catapult and you start a round with 10+ points, which in turn forces the AI to react. Once you nail that combo, you can set up some crazy shit - for example, if you have Yennefer or another medic card, you can waste that medic card, then drop the second one in the next round and get three units on board for the price of one.

Another good way of handling the rush cards of Monster and Socia'tael decks is the Demise card. Not sure how it's in English, but it's the one that destroys the cards with the highest value. You can either just drop it, as they often have the same stats, or set up something like this: for example, if your enemy shits on you with a bunch of rush melees, then drop a couple of your own weak ones and then drop a frost, then the Demise card. It clears the deck of all the cards, since everyone has a value of 1 when in bad weather. You lose some bullshit, the AI loses most of its hand and you can drop it with a single catapult.

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I just can't get into it, like any CCG. When the second guy I run into has nothing but 5+ cards, and my highest is a 6 and I stand no chance, it made me avoid any and all Gwent.

But ever since my friends played Pokemon back in the day, I've been down on finding rare cards and building decks. I'm sure it's fine for CCG people.

Oddly I don't like CCG games.

The thing with Gwent that made it so enjoyable for me is that it's close enough to a "normal" card game and yet has some of that CCG depth, but it's fairly free of typical bullshit like completely overpowered cards or brute force tactics.

I would love to see a printed version. This would be an awesome pub game if they reworked some of the mechanics (mostly the rush cards the Scoia'tael and Monster deck use, since they could be hard to pull off in a physical deck) - it's complicated enough to be engaging and simple enough to explain it to a layperson.

I'm especially interested how crazy the baiting game would be with a real person. I can bait the AI to waste its better cards pretty easily now, to the point where I'm able to win round 3 with two 4-5 cards and a weather card.

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In 2, I backed the Elves and killed Letho. I can't remember if I saved Triss . I remember her getting trapped in the amulet, but I don't remember the decision of whether or not to save her.

Letho rescues her if you don't do it yourself Saving Triss is always option "B" on both paths and taking it effectively locks you out of properly fixing the main problem of the Iorveth/Roche story (freeing Saskia from the Lodge/securing Temeria's future).