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I hear they never courtesy flush AND they always leave the lid up!


Now, let's talk about tipping. How much do you usually tip your pizza delivery person?

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Was a Gamespot member and fan of Greg K, Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad, Rich G, and even Alex back in the day. I left the day Jeff did and waited to hear what his next move was when I found the blog and afterwards the Arrow Pointing Down podcast, which became the Bombcast. Charter member of Giant Bomb, and though I do most of my posting on NeoGAF, this is where I come for my content.

I'm sticking with these guys and hoping that CB$ will translate into bigger, crazier and more of why we are here.

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Welcome to the madness Patrick!

Daily podcast FTW
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Between this and the lackluster launch lineup, I'm going to wait until my son's bday in September to pick one up.

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Just want to mention that as of today it is working well again. So, Top Men, whatever you did - kudos to you!

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Normally I don't have a problem. Just did a speed test on my end, and it is the usual 15Mbps. GB is the only site giving me issues, so something must be going on.

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I've been having problems with the GB video streaming/progressive speed for the last couple days, and today it has come to a head. I cannot reasonable stream, even at "Low" quality. I've tested my connection with sites such as youtube are streaming 720p without issue. What gives guys?

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That was a fun set... Merry Christmas to all!

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Well that was fun... unofficial Sunday Night Throwdown for the win!

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