The Phobia Project - indie game: volunteer

Recently came across a fantastic group of artists and programmers on their way to making a terrificially disturbing horror game. They're looking for help to fill their ranks.

It's a volunteer thing, but damn if this doesn't have serious potential. I've read the script for the first act (was sent to me by the project manager) and it's incredibly eerie and disturbing in all the right ways. If you have any skills that might be applicable or you think that you could help out in any way, it would be massively awesome. Their current site is just a tumblr site, but they'll be getting forums soon. Site location is here:

The Phobia Project is the simple idea of bringing terror, fear and anxiety to gamers. We are undertaking this project because we, as gamers ourselves, love horror games. We hope to convey our darkest, most horrific fears into a game so that others may share our nightmares and feel that very same terror.

We will accept anyone who is enthusiastic, determined and of course.. twisted.

What We're Looking For:

We hope that you'll have some experience in the gaming industry or at least some knowledge of your preferred area that you like to work in (game wise), be that:

- Graphics Design

- Sound Production

- Programming

- Storyboard Production/Writing

If you think you meet these simple requirements then please don't hesitate to contact us here on tumblr via private message or this e-mail: