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Love the article. Intent or not, the stylistic choice hindered the game, which is what this is; a game. If he was going to go crazy with the bar, give better reasons than "you can't see the floor, so that freaks you out".

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@patrickklepek The "Why we love horror games" video was great. When it comes to psychology though, there are always wildly different interpretations. He took Jung's approach, but another could have taken Freud's explanation of "the uncanny", or even an evolutionary take on our need for horror beyond mere chemical reactions.

Hope to see if you elaborate in another article/here on on your feelings towards why you think people love horror. Would be a fun discussion.

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@spacekatgal: Good to hear. Keep at it.

Thanks for writing this Jeff, succinct as usual, especially in all this chaos.

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@alkaiser said:

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I love my video games. But God damn I hate the fucking culture most days. I found that most of the people that I have come acrossed in my life who loves video games I hate talking to. Even though I love games too. Maybe it's just me?

Not at all. I feel the exact same way. It's why I usually spend years away from game culture and forums until something terrible pops up that I feel like I'd be ignorant to not pay attention to.

You're not alone. Give a group power, and this is what they eventually do with it. Like I mentioned before, the jocks need to start giving wedgies again.

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I may be in the minority here, but I have the same problem with Event Horizon as everyone has with Sunshine.

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The silent film was a great touch.

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Now I'm really interested as to what kind of game this will turn out to be. With exchanging this many hands, it could hopefully breath new creative life into the product. Or turn it into an even greater train wreck.

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@winsord: similar things could be said to owning a physical copy of Parappa the Rapper and a CRT. Due to lag of input on LCD screens, you can't get the same perfect experience anywhere else than on the original setup. Not that Patrick is making that point in the article, just my observation.