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I actually really liked it. I want to buy the single so I can get it in a high quality bitrate, but it isn't for sale yet. Frustrating!

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There have been multiple iPhone Quick Looks. They played 2 mobile games on UPF the other week. They showed a game during the reveal. I would totally say this is gaming news especially since the wiki has an iPhone platform page.

That being said... I don't see myself picking one of these up for games. Aside from Wayward Souls and Threes!, I don't play games on my phone. I would LOVE to see some kind of Tamagatchi/Digimon game for that watch though, but it still probably wouldn't get me to wear a watch.

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Scoops and the Wolf. I wish I did, because I love Patrick and Alex, they just put it out so often and I simply don't have the time to watch it all.

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I'd say Blizzard/Gearbox take it. As has been said countless times already, the difference between Brood War/Starcraft 2 and Diablo 2/Diablo 3 is staggering in terms of story. Gearbox is just unfunny and offensive.

The only reason I would defend Capcom are the Phoenix Wright series and Ghost Trick. I'd also defend Nintendo as being able to make a good story when the story matters. Zelda/Mario don't need a compelling story. Fire Emblem and Layton tell good stories. As for Square-Enix, I feel Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts is about as anime as I would expect from them and I love it. Totally nonsensical and super-convoluted, like most anime are. They've always been ludicrous.

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Hope it's about 2 or 3 hours, just so I can catch it all before I have to leave for class.

It'll be archived though, so no big deal.

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Send a request for NA East. PSN is SteveVacation, name on bungie is Bread.
Just recently got super pumped for Destiny. Getting the PS3 version at launch, then upgrading when I buy myself a PS4 for Christmas.

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Considering this is designed to be a 10 year game, it isn't surprising that it launches bare.

I honestly didn't care about the game until 2 days ago when I heard there was competitive mode and that it was basically Halo. This is enough to tide me over until the packs come out.

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Fist of the North Star.

Maybe Berserk.