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never preorder anything.

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well, since my guitar is broken and I don't have a keytar, surely I can justify buying those...

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I had this same idea, but I'm just some fucking guy, so I'm glad someone who makes games made this game.

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two hours to download updates after I launched it. two hours.

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so anyways, I thought you might be interested to know that if you call the xbox service number enough times, they will eventually help you, even if you aren't the person who registered your console.
I finally got someone who  was willing to register it into my name and address and give me the free repair, even though it's a used second hand system. I only had to call them three times to do it, which is way cheaper than $100.

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I don't really make enough to do either.

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well, it's now totally dead, and because I'm not the person who registered the console, it'll cost $100 to fix it.
I don't feel good about it.

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all the mac ad says is that windows improves with every iteration.

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my manufacture date is 03-12-07, but says someone else has registered my console.
It works well enough that I think I can keep using it for awhile, but I am really dreading when it just gives out altogether.

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damn. well, at least they're cheap now.