Best video on giantbomb....EVER
Since there are no favorites or anything for videos i want to keep it in this blog forever. Ive watched it more than 10 times already and it still makes me chuckle. Thank you Jeff and Vinny for all the laughs yesterday during the live stream. Also the "Rider meet horse, horse meet rider" part had me in pain. lmao.


My PSN info.

I see this site doesnt have an option to connect your trophies and what not to your profile like achievements so im just going to put that info here. If you are interested in any of the games I own and want to play multiplayer on it or just want a friend feel free to add me, just tell me your from GB so I know its not some random asshole I just finished playing with and annoys me. I also have a mic and I really hate playing BFBC2 without one since it requires teamwork, cya later.


Streetlight Manifesto's 99 Songs of the Revolution is win!

So finally after years in the making I get to hear Streetlight Manifestos cover CD 99 Songs of the Revolution and it was well worth the wait. I dont know what it is about this band but they could make the most shitty song in the world turn into gold. I can truthfully say I enjoyed every song on this CD, and my friend feels the same. I would say my favorite song on the CD is Such great heights. I cannot stand the original version because of the singers atrocious voice, but Tomas Kalnoky is a fucking god when it comes to music. If you are a fan of Ska or good music in general I suggest you pick up the shit out of this and skank the night away. 

Comes out tomorrow everywhere, hit up youtube if your impatient as hell like me.

Accidental post.

For years now since the other day ive been a active member in the gamespot community posting frequently everyday under the alias Punkrocker163 until I was permabaned for "ban dodging". Im tired of their shit for good because of some annoying fanboy ratting me out even though I was always neutral in arguments and never sounded like a fanboy. I guess its been a good few years though but I dont think im going to make a account for a third time over there. I have found a new home here, farewell gamespot. Hello Giant Bomb! I hope I have a good time here make new friends.