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It's an issue of maturity. Our medium and many of its denizens, are immature. I would include myself in that.

Time needs to pass to gain perspective. We will overcome all of these ignorances and immaturities, but it will take time. Our race as a whole has done so in other contexts and I'm confident it will with games. I just hope it won't set us back too far.

I'm hopeful it will not. Hate will not prevail!

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It's the lack of PC version that really annoyed me. Although I wouldn't want to get it on Origin instead of Steam as I would likely have to.

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This looks like the most interested Halo game there has ever been, from both a gameplay and story standpoint. The story for the first three main Halos were all, in my opinion, pretty poor. Luckily 1 and 3 played well enough to make up and 2's multiplayer was excellent. Really looking forward to this.

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Didn't even lay it down in a hair match. No sense for the business!

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Are doomed :p

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Seemed like the best place to note this: walked past someone on Sauchiehall Street earlier today with a Lincoln Force t-shirt on and my brain didn't react quick enough to give a quick high five, fist bump or good ol' Glasgow Kiss or something else equally cringeworthy. So hello, unknown fellow Glaswegian Giant Bomb fan!

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Based in Glasgow, but would be willing to go to a meet-up in Edinburgh, or most places in Scotland, really.

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Feel bad for those in danger of losing their jobs, but not for the company.

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Yeah there was some major save game bugs, one of which I got hit by, that could have been fixed in Fallout 3 but Bethesda only fixed it for brand new saves, not existing ones.

It is a shame that two home console Zelda games in a row now, a pretty major bug has been present in both. Hopefully Wii U will have a more elegant solution for patching, although ideally of course it shouldn't be required in the first place.

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