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anyone here still playing this? i'm matthew, 2552-2087-3740, just got intensely into it, no idea what to do next. come and link with me, PM if you do, i'll add you back for sure.

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my gamertag is mrmrbird and i am ready for minecraft fun!

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i don't think you're that curious. those guys wouldn't get off the clock and kept dominating the conversation with boring obvious opinions. i'd hate to listen to their podcast. i've only seen up to their part so far but man. liked it when jj blowbrahams challenged them. tonight: more screaming drunk girls

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could they have got two more boring guests? i wanna see drunk girls yelling rather than old bald guys remembering their sweet time playing age of empires between allowing no criticism of the company they work for

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playing videogames a fuckload is a result of using them as a safety mechanism as a kid and never growing out of it. that's what i think

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fack and not to be picky but since the timeline on the videos is so small now it's much harder to select a certain point why did they even have to redesign the video player gd gb

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The new video skin is pretty gnarly. Sorry to whoever designed it but the simple look before was much cleaner. You can tell that the lead designer loves making things look physical and tactile, soon the whole site will look like a black and red Fisherprice calculator.

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putting all these songs in a playlist would make an upsetting playlist