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Izanagi HALF created Japan


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Actually, Persona 2 had shadow selfs in addition to demons. Also, negotiation allowed everyone to have to have different demons/personae.
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Shadow are kind of the hidden ego everyone has. If you accept that hidden ego, you get a persona. Shadow's selfs, kinda transform into said persona after rejection.

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Fr0Br0 said:
"GiantDragoon said:
"I was okay until Naoto. She's asexual, got it memorized?"
I haven't heard that phrase in ages..."

Reno and Axel could be best friends if they met.
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I was okay until Naoto. She's asexual, got it memorized?

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Kombat said:
"Taler said:
"I read some reviews for Ar Tonelico, and it sounds like something for 10th grade pansies. :)

And uh hrm, wasn't really talking about Devil Summoner though.

I was asking about DDS/2 and Nocturne, though Stang's opinion on Nocturne sure is compelling. Is it all fight fight fight though? I might still try it, just want to make sure I know what I'm getting myself into. I'd prefer dialog-fests like Persona. :D"
Persona 4 is a dating sim mixed with RPG combat and a heavily J-Pop influenced soundtrack.  I'd say that also qualifies as something that sounds directed at 10th grade pansies, but it manages to be awesome."

I love AT2. Jacqli is awesome.
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Naoto's the best girl. I just.... loathe Chie and Yukiko, Tolerate Rise, and Adore Naoto, Ayane, and Ai. Naoto's just great.

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She's great. But Teddie should have stayed support. Rise needs to help defeat shadows too!

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Devil Summoner is well worth it. No, you don't need to play the original.

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Soji: the badass investigator who uses personas or Raidou: The ultimate detective that defeated Lucifer, Asura, and Masakado.


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