Forklift Driver Klaus - First Day On The Job

Forklift Driver Klaus - First Day On The Job (Staplerfahrer Klaus – Der erste Arbeitstag) is cool German short-film FROM THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND.
It's a cool faux training video for forklift drivers that is full of gore and absurdness. Fans of fake movie blood should watch.



Oh That Street Fighter: The Movie Soundtrack

Ah those rappers and their funny names. And that Paris, she is not even a Hilton.
On friday I swung by a friend's house so we could play some electronic piano and then go to another friend's house to have delicious pizza (it ended up being just average pizza). Whilst having fun with those black and white things that make the noise come out he gave me a gift that I will cherish forever (pictured right).

Yes, that IS the soundtrack from the Street Fighter movie. And YES, all those names are from people that were paid to put music into that disc. Apparently the money ran out when it was time to design the cover, so they went with "Spots! Yes, spots! But make'em tiny, we don't have a big budget, Van Damme and MC Hammer danced away with it. Also, make it very clear that this is a SOUNDTRACK."

So what are the tracks on this thing? I am glad you asked, or else that scan of the back of the case would be a little more useless.

Kylie Minogue was totally imersed into her role as Cammy, so she couldn't record anything for this AMAZING CD.
As you can see by clicking on the image and inspecting it with carefull eyes is that it's a GREAT collection of mediocre rap with some "good enough" tracks. I approve of Pandemonium, Street Fighter (especially for starting with a "menacing" laughter by Ice Cube and containing the sentence "I wanna kill Chuck Norris.", well Mr. Cube, I want to do it as well.") and, of course, Straight To My Feet. This track features MC Hammer at his Hammeriest with a good sample combined with sub-par fast rapping about punching dudes.

So if you never heard this CLASSIC, the video is just below this text you are reading and features the MC partying with "Guile" Van Damme smoking on them cigars only to be interupted by them Shadaloo folks for a quick stare-off punctuated by minor costume changes on the part of Vega (he IS vain).