Facebook go away.

Facebook has been a thorn in my gaming side since it became this stupid fad of social networking, and sadly i don't see an ending coming anytime soon.


A Studio for 1

Lately I've noticed my collection of music games for my ds has inceased, from Korg DS-10 to Rhythm Heaven and since i found it in a $10 bin at 'my local game store' Guitar Hero: On Tour. The problem with Rhythm games on a portable system is that they are lacking in depth, such as songs, time delay and most important things for rhythm games on home consoles.


Cartoons today suck.

Iv never been one to say how great the 90's where but in terms of cartoons they ruled. Duck Tails, Animanicas, Freakazoid, Pinky and the brain and more, what is wrong with today's cartoons, i want more political humor and references for adults. Ah the good old days are dead.



Yes, it has finally happened I was robbed, but not in the usual sense of get 5 things and get the F**K out of there, this was steal 90% of my living room only leaving me with a couch.......this is bull, all i have left for games is my PC, but just to rub my anger in some more here's a rough list: Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Game cube, about 30 games (now that may not sound like much but in Aus games cost about $100 on launch so yeah) and all the controllers, cables and to top it off My GOD DAM TV!!!!!!! What the hell is going on here!!!!!


Playing Games

After a long while of being unemployed my gaming kinda of consisted of old games borrowed from friends and Steam. In all not bad but after getting Marvel vs Capcom 2 from XBL, it really feels to stop stop playing Viva Pinata and TF2

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