Cartoons today suck.

Iv never been one to say how great the 90's where but in terms of cartoons they ruled. Duck Tails, Animanicas, Freakazoid, Pinky and the brain and more, what is wrong with today's cartoons, i want more political humor and references for adults. Ah the good old days are dead.

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Posted by Gibbs_Acolyte

Iv never been one to say how great the 90's where but in terms of cartoons they ruled. Duck Tails, Animanicas, Freakazoid, Pinky and the brain and more, what is wrong with today's cartoons, i want more political humor and references for adults. Ah the good old days are dead.

Posted by Meteora

I haven't watched any of the cartoons today in the modern era, but boy were cartoons great back in the 90's.
On the contrary, we might think its awesome but the kids in this age would think its crap compare to what they are currently watching. Its a small generation gap; and we might have a fond nostalgia for things we experience in our naive little lives.

Posted by pallorwag

What cartoons do you have in mind, that suck?

Posted by Hamst3r

Check these out:
1. Ugly Americans (Insane. Always.)
2. Archer (by the guys that did Sealab 2021.)
3. Adventure Time (Lulz.)
Posted by pallorwag
@Hamst3r: Those are more mature cartoons.
Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Helped the lady friend do some babysitting for her boss the other day. Got to sit down and watch some of these cartoons. All I can say is I am very worried for the younger generation.

Posted by Landon
@mnzy said:
" Spongebob is good, though. "
Technically, Spongebob started in the 90s.
Posted by Hamst3r
@pallorwag said:
" @Hamst3r: Those are more mature cartoons. "
That's why I suggested them. :)
Posted by RJPelonia
Adventure Time is great. Hilarious writing filled with zany, cartoony antics. But yeah, most everything else isn't that good.
Correction. Spongebob was good. Any of the new stuff they make are... well, terrible. Just not funny. At all.
Adventure Time isn't a mature cartoon.
Posted by pallorwag
@RJPelonia: That's the only one I didn't look at. 
@Hamst3r:  I questioned which ones he thought sucked. You replied with a list after. It was just a misunderstanding. I like that Ugly Americans cartoon too. I'm watching the first episode.
Posted by MrJared

Disagree. The state of cartoons hasn't been this good in years, really. Off the top of my head, the first, great cartoons that come to mind are..
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack: It's Spongebob, only not for pre-schoolers and with a heart. It can be formulaic at times but it regularly goes in bold, if not bizarre directions and is always worth watching.
Metalocalypse: A lot of people write this off the moment they hear about it (They usually stop listening at "death metal"), but it's one of the best cartoons on television that somehow seems to get better with each passing season. Not only because it's Brenden Smalls (Home Movies) at his absolute best, but what started out as a parody of everything ridiculous about rock & roll has somehow become more significant than the culture it pokes and prods. It's constantly hilarious and rewards you for viewing over the course of the series with an actual plot (!!!) and throwback jokes.
Adventure Time: Just when I thought I was burnt out on the "random for the sake of being random" shows (Flapjack is guilty of this, but it passes for being so sharp), along comes Adventure Time. The best way to describe it: it's Superjail only with lots of rainbows and unicorns. Oh, speaking of which..
Superjail!: There is nothing I can say that can prepare you for your first viewing of Superjail. Every single episode is just an elaborate setup for some of the most brutal, artistically mindblowing depictions of death every set to pen. It also doesn't hurt that it's incredibly hilarious and gorgeously hand animated. It takes them forever to actually make an episode so you really have to cherish each one.
The Venture Bros: It's starting to fall on the wayside with this past season, but each episode is a loving tribute to the 70's cartoon serials of our youth. It vigorously rides the line between being a self-serving parody of Johnny Quest and essentially being the dream fanfic of a child, but that's what makes it so fun. Again, another show that rewards you for watching the entire thing from start to finish. It's sort of a blessing a curse because on one hand, you REALLY find yourself getting into the plot, but on the other they tend to switch off seasons between being plot-heavy and just trying to have fun.
Archer: This is what happens when you create a show where every single character is constantly vying to be the single most inhumane piece of shit you've ever met in your entire life. It's a nonstop assault of sex, violence and utterly dehumanizing one-liners and my god, it is one of the funniest shows in years. It's on Netflix Instant right now. Watch it!
Moral Orel: It's been off air for a few years now, but it's one of the most hilarious and disturbing takes on religion on our society I've ever seen. It's best to think of it as two series, really, with the first two seasons essentially setting you up for the punch in the gut realism if season three. Long story short, the series is flipped completely on its own head and starts going back to earlier episodes, showing you the ins and the outs from completely different perspectives. You'll completely understand why Adult Swim canceled and hate that decision all at the same time.
I think I'm missing a few, but these are good jumping off points. If what you meant was cartoons for KIDS these days suck, then sure, I could go along with that as most of the stuff on TV are anime rejects like Ben-10 and Spongebob reruns. But when I look at cartoons in general, it hasn't been this good in a long time. 
(On a random note, Wolverine & The X-Men and Batman: Brave and the Bold are also surprisingly good)

Posted by Korwin

The world needs 10 minute Looney Tunes back...

Posted by Soap

Chowder is pretty funny.

Posted by TwoLines

When I was a kid, everyone (not only the kids) have seen the 80's and 90's cartoons.  And talked about them.
Cause they were funny, for kids and for the older people.  
Also, X men was a damn good show.

Last good cartoons everyone talked about, were the cartoon cartoons, from the late 90s.
Like Johhny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, and so on.
Johnny Bravo actualy was VERY famous here in poland (due to the fantastic polish voice actor). 
Then it went silent for me, and for everyone else.

Edited by PenguinDust

There probably aren't as many quality cartoons these days as their were in the 90's but some of that is because there just aren't as many new cartoons being made.  Saturday morning are almost completely void of cartoons which means they only exist on a few cable channels.  When I was growing up, I used to watch cartoons when I got home from school, but you won't find any on broadcast TV these days at that time.  The Disney Afternoon, blocks of shows like Transformers and G.I. Joe are a thing of the past.  So, cartoons exist just on Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network.  But, even these networks have re-focused their budgets towards live-action shows like iCarly, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and reality-TV programming.  So, fewer and fewer cartoons appear even where they are meant to be seen.  
But, if you are looking for a few entertaining shows that are cleaver and funny, I'd suggest Disney's Phineas and Ferb for one and CN's Chowder for another.  P&F has lots of smart references to modern culture intertwined through the more kid-friendly plots.  Additionally, practically every episode has an original song often with a dance scene.  Cartoon Network's Chowder doesn't have as many pop culture jokes, but the characters are very interesting and fun.  It's a "work place" comedy and that format is unusual for a kid's cartoon, but it's enjoyable for adults, too.
I didn't mention adult cartoons since I assume this post was more about smart kid's cartoons, however Archer is among the best new shows on TV and Futurama returns this summer.

Posted by Godwind

Because they are trying to make american cartoons the same as bad anime?  And Anime is just being churned out to suck. 
Granted, there are a few good ones around.
Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

I do like Spongebob. That's about as recent as my cartoon watching goes.

Posted by ProfessorEss

We still have awesome cartoons, they're just not the one's for kids anymore.
Futurama, Venture Bros, South Park, Aqua Teen, etc.

Posted by BionicMonster

I miss the Nicktoons from the 90's most of all , and yes i know there's a Nicktoons channel on digital cable but i don't have it.

Posted by ryanwho

I like Flapjack. But yeah, the whole Disney/WB saturday morning rivalry petered out in the late 90s. Also Im old and everything was better back in the old days.

Posted by ProfessorEss
@ryanwho said:
" I like Flapjack. But yeah, the whole Disney/WB saturday morning rivalry petered out in the late 90s. Also Im old and everything was better back in the old days. "
Aww man, I don't get that Flapjack show here but I watched it every day when I was on vacation. Sooo good.