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Your username is: Tiger_Buttercup. nuff said.
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Oh, it's you again.
Haven't you already lost the same argument 1-2 threads ago?
Just stop, please.
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@Irishjohn said:
"The subscription is part of a business model designed to keep the family of sites profitable. It has nothing to do with holding hands and keeping the community together. It is in fact, driving people apart. "
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Come on, it is just a website, I don't have to contribute at all.
Especially when people like you think that others owe them money for your meaningless contribution of 5-50 $.
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Why are you so stubborn?
So you paid, great, enjoy your subscription and your little silly medal of failure.
But why the fuck do you want all of us to pay too?
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You sound like a religious bigot.
Stop spreading your fu*king "subscribe or gtfo" propoganda and STFU.
Thanks for listening.
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Newfags, newfags everywhere.

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@I_love_Eva_Braun said:
" It's like I'm actually on /b/ "
Don't forget the rules ;)
I won't be able to survive. I'm out.
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for science.

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@Djeffers03 said:

" Their actions were justified. The people on the ships struck first and the commando's were in a life threatening situation, they were outnumbered, getting beaten and even shot at: 

I confirm that the audio is correctly translated. 
I can't find a single reason to believe their actions weren't justified.