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I had two bow runes that sort of destroyed the 5 warchief fight for me, one that increased the duration of the Bow Super thing by 10 seconds and another that added an AoE to Flame arrow, so I just killed all of the fodder orcs and 3 out of the 5 warchiefs before getting off the Caragor. The Tower fight was a bummer and I was hoping the last boss would really make me use all of the skills I had acquired instead of a few QTEs. Definitely the worst part of the game by far.

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Waiting on that Bloodborne before I get mine, till then I'll enjoy my semi-powerful PC by pushing it to the limit with.. World of Warcraft!

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Mostly just news. I don't really need "journalism", I'd rather have what GB does. Entertainment loosely based on video games.

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@thunderstorm101: Right here Duder:

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As long as Drew is the one playing it, and tries to make sense of it all on his own, and having Dan there as a Vinnydemon'ssouls-esque spirit guide.

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As long as Mario party still can be played on Giant Bomb I'm okay with anything!

Stop playing Copy right material during a profitable video, you are breaking the law - IMO

So people should stop playing games on Twitch? Because its not just copyrighted music being flagged, its also game sound tracks. Stuff like Crypt of the Necromancer OST music is getting flagged, and not even by the creator of it.

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Anohana got me the most, but I have Clannad sitting beneath my entertainment center right now and I hear that's worse.

Anohana is a little too short to get attached enough, the real kicker for Clannad is that they build the characters really nicely in the more standard harem of Season 1, ripe for the pummeling that is After Story.

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@justcallmejonny: Pretty sure I've been conditioned to tear up a little bit whenever I hear this damn song.

I'm not sure If I watched it when I was in a compromised state or what but After Story just completely broke me down.

Code Geass has one pretty rough scene I think in the first season.

Kimi ni Todoke is up there with Clannad for me too, in my opinion the best example of why anime just does the messed up coming of age high-school romance stuff better than anything else out there.

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Male at 25, got a score of 4. Damn those blueish purples!

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Mustard isn't the devil but it's fucking disgusting.

I'm with this guy. Mustard is highly overrated, overpowers the other tastes in whatever you're eating.

Same here, I guess.

That's why you go with a good 80% ketchup, 20% mustard mix! Reliable condiment with a hint of adventure.