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Battlion Wars 2 0

Battalion Wars 2 is a great game, but it's...well... just missing some things. First off, I'd just like to say that this game has some awesome cutscenes. Great dialogue (expect for the part when Admiral A-Qira is killed and he screams "TREACHERYYYYYYYYYYY!", I thought that part was a little too melodramatic.) The characters are all okay, expect for Marshall Nova's daddy, who comes back from the dead to piss me off. The plot is kinda of a hybrid between World War I and II. The messed up allianc...

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King Hearts 2: I am not impressed 1

Before I write this review, let me make it clear that Kingdom Hearts is by far, one of the coolest things I have ever seen. They mixed JRPs (which I hate), Final Fantasy (WHICH I REALLY HATE), and Disney (which I get bored of easily) and made those three things into something awesome. That's the first game in the series. Now this "second" (third, actually) game came to me as an enormous "ergh". I mean, it's fun for like, 2 seconds but then I'm playing along and I realize that they got rid of: ...

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Battlefront 2- One Step Forward, Two Steps Back 0

When I first heard that Battlefront II was going to be released. When I heard it had freakin' SPACE BATTLES I went INSANE. Now that I've played it long enough... it's not that great. Sure, the stamina is a great addition, and that player profile career status is also very helpful, and the graphics are more or less the same. Battlefront II isn't really what one would expect it to be. Let me tell you about the original battlefront: It's better in terms of playing one battle. I'm not sure if I'm...

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Spore- A Look at Evolution (Edited) 0

Spore is a PC game which its very idea just almost gives the game a perfect score: a game that simulates life and evolution.                 Created by legendary game designer Will Wright (Also known as the creator of The Sims), Spore is a simple game that takes on the complex task of allowing a player to create a little microorganism and guide it through the process of evolution, eventually culminating in the said creature to become sentient, then leave its planet and explore the galaxy. The ...

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