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@corruptedevil said:

@giganteus: There isn't 2, GB VinnCo is dead. It was alpha only.

Then im all Lincoln.

PSN: Delta110

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Im torn. Ill join this or the other one once the GB clan civil war is settled. There cant be two.

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Bradcast incoming.

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If anyone needs a code, PM me.

Edit: Code now taken.

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@ares42: I'm not a fan of Halo and I'm enjoying Destiny more than I expected. Not that I think the Halo games are crappy; they just don't appeal to me.

I'm really digging Destiny's aesthetic and feel.

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Best of luck to them all. Especially Carrie. Who would be a great fit for a personality-driven video game website. Hopefully she can find something like that.

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Good luck Vinny. Definitely exciting times for Giant Bomb. Also worrying. Is GB really in a position to "expand"? Lets hope the new hires will turn out excellent..

Also they're still going to be a little short on staff despite the new hires aren't they?

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@edgework said:

We actually found that one of those services that is trying to help you was ours. Oops. The remaining people who still can't get in should be able to get in now.

Hah. Confirmed, I can get in now. Thanks, edgework.

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@edgework said:

OK, lesson learned on my part. - Don't screw with DNS just because it's fun

Seriously though. Sorry about this. You guys who still can't get in will have to wait for all services between you and us that are trying to "help" you to clear their cache of the address.

The next time I move around temporary capacity it will be through ports.

Ah, so that's why I can't get in. Thank you for the information. Do you have any idea how long it'll be until it clears its cache? It's been a while now.

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Burn in shit, AWS.