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Try contacting him through codec. His frequency is 316.69.

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@professoress: Why is that? From what Ono said, they were having difficulties getting the necessary funding. Is there something im missing? Im not too privy on this stuff, frankly.

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So, firmware 2.0 has finally released and I'm very curious to see how well Shareplay works.

Anyone wanna guest (or host)? PSN ID is Delta110.

I've got the following:

Assassin's Creed 4

Killzone Shadow Fall

Need for Speed Rivals





Pix the Cat




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Wish him the best. Ive always liked him at Gamespot.

Here comes the Giantbomb re-branding to Gamespot

I think you mean the other way around..

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Well said, Jeff. Im glad you addressed it. Im going to go back to not caring about this. My well wishes go out to those who keep getting harassed.

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Really fantastic, Sanj. It´d be awesome to see the rest of the crew.

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Dan Ryckert.

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After watching Jeff play some of it, im curious if the game has much more to offer. I enjoyed the alpha and beta but if the mission designs and quests are basically the same as they are in Old Russia and The Moon, then im not paying them $60.

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Twitch has muted its own official channel.

A good indicator of a fine system they've implemented.

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@hatking said:

@giganteus said:

@hatking said:

Apparently GameSpot wants to neuter its editorial voice. Fucking stupid move, but I can't wait to see what these folks can do when not working for a website that seems like it actively wants to kill itself.

Did you ask yourself why before posting that? If they want to continue existng, they have to make decisons such as this one. They're not doing it for giggles.

Its a real shame though. Hopefully they can all land on their feet nicely.

Have you been to GameSpot recently? They're shifting away from editorial content because they get more clicks with catchy bullshit about PS4 vs Xbox One and Twitter rumors. It's no coincidence they let their best writers go. Like I said, if that's GameSpot's thing now, then I'm happy some of the good writers will be moving on to, hopefully, more creatively hospitable environments. I suppose kill itself should be amended with kill itself creatively. I'm sure it'll thrive when it's basically IGN Jr., but I'll never go back.

Its the same with Polygon recently. I dont believe the click-bait will save them for too long.