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I wish this wasnt going to be deleted.

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Get to work.

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I dont have much to say about Helldivers other than the fact Ive had some of the more memorable co-op experiences in a while from it. Despite some of its current problems, its so good. The fact that I only paid $18 doesnt hurt, either. I fucking love this game.

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Brad and Vinny like those sorts of games. So Jeff.

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Personally, there's a place for games like The Order on occasion. Its actually arriving at a good time for me, because I havent played a cinematic shooter thingy in a while.

So weirdly enough, it almost seems refreshing compared to a lot of the kinds of games that Ive been playing lately.

Fortunately, The Order hasnt deeply wronged me like it apparently has for many others in the gaming community, so ill give it a shot when the price goes down.

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Hm. Alright, then..

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I get where you're coming from. I do love these Quick Looks they're doing, though.

If they were to make fun of GOOD horror games in this manner, Id agree with you. And if they were to refuse to Quick Look the good ones altogether, id agree once more.

But, something to consider, the Neverending Nightmare Quick Look is an example of them appreciating a good horror game.

Basically, there's a lot of bad horror coming out on Steam, right now. Lex Mortis is a really bad horror game. If you think Patrick would approach a game like that much differently I think you may be disappointed.

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For the last couple of years, I've suspected Peter Molyneux might not just have a problem with over-promising and there's something more deeply wrong with him.

But even now, he is pretty good at convincing people he still deserves attention and garnering a certain amount of sympathy. So at least he does this whole thing pretty well.

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Hey @blacklagoon could i be promoted so i can add to the dojo? Id be able to upgrade the clan to Shadow then Storm, which would get us up to 100 slots.

I also play often (since PC closed beta).