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Try contacting him through codec. His frequency is 316.69.

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@professoress: Why is that? From what Ono said, they were having difficulties getting the necessary funding. Is there something im missing? Im not too privy on this stuff, frankly.

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So, firmware 2.0 has finally released and I'm very curious to see how well Shareplay works.

Anyone wanna guest (or host)? PSN ID is Delta110.

I've got the following:

Assassin's Creed 4

Killzone Shadow Fall

Need for Speed Rivals





Pix the Cat




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Wish him the best. Ive always liked him at Gamespot.

Here comes the Giantbomb re-branding to Gamespot

I think you mean the other way around..

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Well said, Jeff. Im glad you addressed it. Im going to go back to not caring about this. My well wishes go out to those who keep getting harassed.

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Really fantastic, Sanj. It´d be awesome to see the rest of the crew.

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Dan Ryckert.

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After watching Jeff play some of it, im curious if the game has much more to offer. I enjoyed the alpha and beta but if the mission designs and quests are basically the same as they are in Old Russia and The Moon, then im not paying them $60.

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Twitch has muted its own official channel.

A good indicator of a fine system they've implemented.