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Because I don't like using Gamespot anymore.

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Wow!  Those animated comics are really well done.  I just finished reading Watchmen myself.  I didn't feel sorry for the Comedian at all.  I definitely see why you don't like Dr Manhattan though.  We'll have to discuss it further over XBL.

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This totally sucks.  I hope everyone lands on their feet and finds an even better job.  1UP Yours and Retronauts will be sorely missed by me.

RIP 1UP and EGM.

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I think you're on my friend's list already, but I don't think we've ever played anything together.

Yes, I don't know what I'd do without Transformers:P

I agree about achievements.  At first I thought they were the stupidest things ever invented, because they serve no purpose other than bragging rights.  But when you play a game that gets you a lot of points, you do indeed feel good.  When you play enough games that give you a lot of points you start to get addicted to that feeling.  Eventually you'll get to a point where you will do things in a video game, that you wouldn't normally do.  Like play on a harder difficulty, or finish something in a certain time limit or get a set amount of points.  It can ruin your experience if you take it too far though.  Nowadays I worry about achievements on a 2nd playthru and I just enjoy the game the first time around.  I'll only get achievements if its something that's easily doable.

Maybe you should try Oblivion again now that you have an appreciation for Fallout 3?

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You're not the only one.  I've been excited about this game ever since it was announced.

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I have to agree for the most part.  Everything about the game, except for the main quest is perfection.  I loved every bit about it and I also thought about the game all the damned time, even while sleeping.  When you complete the main quest though, it dampers your feelings a bit and the ending is extremely disappointing.

Don't feel too bad, I haven't played MGS4 either, even though I own the damn game.  I've playing MGS1 and 2, but not 3 yet, even though I own that one as well (I'm terrible, I know.)

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I probably should get a new hard drive, but don't have the money at the moment.  I just cleared 4 gigs of music I had on mine so now I have close to 10 gigs again.  I just got the NXE tonight and I must say, it is awesome!!  Streaming a movie right now from Netflix (Ice Pirates) and looks suprisingly very, very good on my 47" HD TV.  Did you know you can also delete your Zero gamerscore games from your history?  Meaning any game you did not get an achievement in (like xbl arcade demos) you can delete that from your achievement history.  Very cool feature that no one is talking about.

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I'm looking forward to Resistance 2 the most, but I'd really like to try Valkyria Chronicles too.  The demo was very cool.  Looking forward Gears 2 as well, but not as much as most people.  Either way, I don't think any games this week will pull me away from Fallout 3.