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Reckless assault can't be toggled off, don't pick it if you are a Rogue. Only bug I have ran into so far, pretty annoying though as I had to replay 30 minutes.

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@honkalot: Unlocks are for all your cities so can just make a quick grid city that you don't give any services or feed sewage. Still a waste of time though, would be better if all were rewards for making good cities. The 50% crime rate one seems pretty impossible though, I created a city without any police stations at all an could never get over 42%.

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"I have parts of the city with a fire station or cemetery on every street corner, and as absurd as that is, those services still aren't being performed" There's your problem, the city would probably function better and the services would do their job if he removed some of them. As it is he is probably creating gridlocks with all the service vehicles.

Public transit is also a good solution for a lot of traffic problems, and reading that review I doubt he made good use of it.

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I know that I sounded pretty down on the game in the other thread, but could I rejoin? I'm having a decent time with the living story quests (which I bought). Username: gike.8629

Mostly watch Quick Looks, although I like most of the video content. I'm a PC only gamer these days so anything involving the crew trying to understand weird, complex, or janky (preferable all three) PC games is always funny.

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@jack_lafayette: Cool, I'm ready to give the game another chance. The game and hype surrounding it burned me pretty hard, so I told myself that I would never play it again. Although the expansion announcement got me kind of interested again as I liked everything about the game except the group combat. It will probably still be weird to not be able to play as a healer but if the encounters these days are indeed better designed maybe I will be able to enjoy it.

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Have the PvE got more interesting and less zergy? Is Mesmer still awful at getting credit in events? Many things drove me away from the game. I also get that they will never move away from "everyone are DPS" but are conditions and buff more useful and needed? Basically, is it still a game that is only fun if you enjoy mindless DPSing while waiting for massive healthbars to slowly trickle down.

Furthermore, did they move away from single fire events that were always super laggy and you would pretty much always miss forever if you had a life outside of videogames?

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@humanity: Witcher 2 was very optimized, ubersampling was a really demanding setting made for future PCs and a lot of people turned that setting on and claimed that the game was unoptimized. They even added a warning to the setting in one of the first patches.

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Kotaku have many good articles, it's rarely worth sorting through all the awful click-bait ones to get to them though. At least it's better than a couple of years ago when the site only consisted of trash, although I still only read that site when people link something interesting.

At least it's not polygon.

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Awful news, one of the few on this site who dared to try new things. No Dave (it was a long time ago but I don't think they will ever find someone new like him in the US) and now no Patrick I guess the site will continue to turn back into being even more AAA console game focused. It makes sense though with him being alone in Chicago. I hope they will be able to find a good replacement.