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I would rather see them make a new XCOM. The first game was a kind of crappy first attempt that could be much improved on by taking a close look at that Long War mod, abandon the idiotic decision to make aliens come in little groups that always gets to move first, and include semi-random maps.

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I've had my eye on Divinity: Original Sin for ages and the 20% pushed me over the edge.

Also I see Anno 2070 is 75% off on the flash sale right now. That's a fantastic city builder for dirt cheap and actually does Coop play quite well.

Also riddled with the worst kinds of DRM. So I wouldn't recommend it.

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Nothing intresting today, so I used one of the ten € I had set aside for today to buy cards for instead. No regrets.

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Pink Team!

Time to put together a wishlist, I never use that function.

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I have pretty much lost all interest in the kind of games that are first party exclusives, not that I liked them much in the first place. This E3 made my decision to not buy any of the next gen consoles really easy to follow through on.

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Great guests this year. Although I think it would be better is if you tried to put people who are not completely fluent in English and/or some of the more reserved guests in the same groups. Sure there will still be guests that don't speak much, but I think it could be better if you did that. I also think that 6-7 guests are to many, try to keep it at 4-5 guest.

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@evo said:

It exists, but from what I've seen I'm not convinced the gameplay is any good. Once the novelty wears off of traveling between worlds, I think we'll be left with a pretty mediocre shooter. That being said, I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Yeah this is my big worry. I really hope what little shooting they did in the trailer was placeholder because it looked terrible unsatisfying and boring.

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They really need to make the chat a premium only feature. It paints the entire community in a bad light when the chat gets out of control, even though the forums are rarely as vile. There are a lot of non-premium accounts without an avatar making some of the most heinous comment.

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Witcher 3

Although I have already per-ordered it it was nice to see some gameplay

Grim Fandango

It's Grim Fandango and Tim made it sound like it will come to PC too on twitter (nothing can get me to buy a console again)

Mirrors Edge

The first game is one of my favorite games ever and what little they showed looked like an improvement on it.

I really can't feel much hype for No Mans Sky yet, it could be amazing but so much can go wrong. The ship combat and explosions in that trailer looked pretty awful. I also doubt how fun finding new planets will be after ten or so, I have yet to play a procedurally generated game were you don't start seeing differently colored but otherwise repeating parts.

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@captiosus: I remember them saying that they will continue to introduce 5 man dungeons for people not into raiding. Although that doesn't change the fact that it still an MMO you play for multiplayer content. They will add more solo content (they said so in the launch day stream) but they will probably focus more on group and PvP content.

If you do like that in an MMO though this is probably the best game available right now. The instanced content in this game is really fun and well designed.