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Neogaf have been campaigning for a PC port of this for like a year now. Hopefully we get Vanquish too, that game would be perfect on PC.

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What people need to keep in mind is that this game will run at 900p and 30FPS on the consoles. The last time we had this freakout (The Evil Within) the game couldn't even hit 30FPS on the new consoles. Shadow of Mordor before that was for some extra settings way above what the consoles used. This game will probably require an insane PC to max out at 60FPS and 1080p. However matching the consoles, with probably a slightly smoother framerate and higher resolution, probably won't be that hard. Of course it could still be that it is a terrible port, but people have made a habit of overreacting to this stuff recently. I would most likely not recommend people to pre-order it though.

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@artisanbreads: Divinity was basically a halfway finished game when they kickstarted it, the kickstarter was for polish and extra content. Larian did also already have their own their own RPG engine and didn't have to use Unity (which is still not a great engine for large scale games like this although it's getting better).

Personally I really don't see how people can like the UI on divinity more though. The inventory was one of the worst things I have experienced in a modern RPG and trading was annoying as you couldn't switch between different characters without resetting your trade offer. Splitting up your party with that chain thing was unnecessarily cumbersome (opposed to just dragging an RTS-style selection box in Wasteland). The UI in Divinity got in my way more than the one in Wasteland 2.

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I think it's amazing. I'm liking it much more than the other recent CRPGs like Divinity and Shadowrun. I have seen people complain about the UI and I really don't get it, I think the UI in this game is great compared to the nightmare that was for example the inventory in divinity original sin. The chain system of splitting up your party in Divinity is another of those things I really don't get why people praise, what is easier about having to fiddle with portraits than just hitting space and controlling your party like in an RTS?

The game is definitely seem more unforgiving than other recent RPGs though, I wouldn't recommend if you have no experience with these kinds of games.

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Looking at how SimCity 2013 came out, I'm not surprised that again people are getting a game that isn't what they expected or wanted and are left wanting the old version. The producers seem to have some crystal ball they are referencing that is kind of busted.

Although character and house creation are good tools to have, people seemed to play The Sims for the interactions and reactions. Gutting those to put in ultra fancy editors does not feel like a great idea.

I think the interactions an reactions are better than ever, with the emotions affecting conversations and conversations with more than two sims in them. The separate bars for romantic interest and friendship is also a big improvement. Friendships are much harder to get an keep again too. Those things are definitely not how Sims 4 is lacking, they are by far the best they have ever been.

The things that are lacking in Sims 4 is the completely open world (which I still think was a huge mistake and don't miss), toddlers, pools, management of non-active families, and many smaller flavor things such as carpools and NPC services.

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I like it. I think it's a much better foundation than The Sims 3. I like the core gameplay much more (it's actually somewhat challenging and varied again, the emotion system is great), the UI is seems better, the build tools and CAS are better. The only problem is that there is a lack of things to do, but not really much more than every Sims game at release. With a couple of expansions adding things back again I feel like it could be the best Sims game.

I could see how people who really liked or only played Sims 3, which I really didn't like, would dislike it though. The approach to how the game is designed feels much more in line with Sims 2 (maybe even Sims 1), it is hard to describe exactly why. Probably has to to do with the game requiring more attention again with the emotion system and the more challenging careers.

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Surprised PC is as big as the others when this game was released during steam summer sale.

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Good. Hopefully Bioware finally realized that they should have taken the bad parts of the first game and improved on them instead of ripping them all out, turning the sequel into a mediocre third person shooter. Mass Effect 2 is one of the most disappointing games I have ever player, I really can't trust Bioware to make good games after that. Although it doesn't sound like I missed out on much with Dragon Age 2 and ME3. Bioware really got a lot to prove with Dragon Age: Inquisitor and this game.

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@minipato: @yaobikuni: You can also try this to get it run if windows is not in English, although I haven't tried it (as my Windows is in English) so it may not work. Be wary when messing around in regedit though, don't touch anything else.

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