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@burningstickman: I read somewhere that one of the first content patches will include the thieves guild and the related skill line. It wouldn't surprise me if that one include more options for stealth.

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@darji said:

Hmm did something happen to the guild system? It shows me the create or join a guild screen again also my ID seems to be gone?

They turned off guilds and I think friends just like they did with mails before. My guess is that those two systems are somehow tied to some of the major bugs that forced them to shut down the server (people losing their entire bank, logging in to other peoples characters).

Mail was turned off because there were some bug that apparently allowed you to use it to duplicate items.

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I'm interested in jumping into this as it'd be great to have some duders to chill with. However i'm in the EU and changing the server to the US-Mega server prompts for a re-install which makes my already full SSD cry a small bit. I'm @brightzide if I can swing into the guild from here or if there is an EU get-together?

I'm from EU and I'm playing on the NA server and I'm sure most other people are too, this is usually the case on this site unless there is a region lock. The community of people who like MMOs on this site is not really large enough to support that. With everyone in a region being on the same server I haven't really had issues finding people online at late night or early morning US time which can be an issue in some MMOs.

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Stay as we are and when we get more people to join all factions will eventually have people. I will probably make an alt later in Aldmeri Dominion. Just make sure to tell what PvP campaign the guild is in so we don't join it with a character from another faction.

From what I have read you can have characters from multiple factions but they can't join the same campaign (PvP instance).

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@sharkethic: Those screenshot looks like they are on lowest everything.

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So far this game probably have the best quest design I have ever seen in an MMO, feels almost like a something out of an single player RPG. But I have only done the starting islands, so it could still get bad now that the game seem to become more open.

The hate for this game seem really undeserved though.

Edit: Now that I'm out of the starting zones I want to join the guild. My UserID is @Yvnirele (so not at all the same as my giant bomb name I just made something up at random when creating my account).

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I selected NA and I'm not feeling any issues with lag, but I never really feel these issues in MMOs.

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@karkarov: Which alliance have the most players on giant bomb so far? PvP looks like one of the most fun parts of this game.

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I'm so weak, I bought it anyway. I watched some gameplay on twitch and then bought the Imperial Edition, I can never keep away from a new MMO.

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The game actually looks better than I thought and I will probably get it later, but right now I got neither time nor money to play it. The interest level on this forum looks super low though so getting a guild together will probably be pretty hard.