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Gameplay is great. I'm liking it far more than Bastion, but I usually prefer more strategic games. The storytelling seems worse though. I have pretty much no idea of what is really going on and there seems to be to much told from reading the abilities (which I haven't read because I don't like text logs with no real context, always feel like leaving the game when I read them).

Edit: At least the story got clearer some hour in, it doesn't seem that interesting though.

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I have not watched the video because I still want to play the game some day, but I have read this thread (I don't really care about boss spoilers). The world being incoherent and the linearity sounds extremely disappointing, enough to make me wait for a steam sale. The well realized world is the number one reason I liked Dark Souls. Unlike what seems like a large part of the people who played Dark Souls I didn't play it because it was a hard game. For me the combat always felt secondary to exploring an (for the most part) amazingly well designed and dangerous world.

At least now I can prepare myself for a disappointment when I finally play the game.

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Tons of games coming out on PC this year. All of the first big Kickstarter games, Civ V Beyond Earth and Sims 4 (not that I trust EA/Maxis much anymore). Age of Wonders 3 came out just recently and is pretty good, but could become amazing with a couple of balance patches and some DLC.

But for big console releases it looks to be a pretty bad year, can't really think of a single one I want to play except Dark Souls 2. Of course E3 hasn't been yet and around that time is when most big console releases gets announced.

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@grimmie92: From hat I have heard Wabbajack and Auriel's Bow are the ones with the most balanced factions. Auriel's Bow is the most populated campaign.

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I think this game focus more on cc, every class have several skills related to crowd control. It's not like most other modern MMOs were enemies will only attack the tank if the group does everything correctly. I actually ended up running my first dungeon (spindlecrutch) two times. With the first group we got swarmed all the time and died on every encounter. With the other group we used a lot more cc (and head a better healer) and people barely died at all. The best approach seemed to be when we let the tank only deal with the most dangerous enemies and have one person focus mostly on cc with some DPS, one guy full on DPS and the fourth person as a healer. I really enjoyed my first experience with dungeons in this game because it felt somewhat different from games like WoW and FF XIV yet not as unstructured as something like GW2 were everyone are basically just DPS. I can see how you would hate it if you are used to playing a WoW style tank that handles the entire enemy group because that role doesn't really seem possible in this game at least at the lower levels.

Another thing is to make sure to block power attack, you won't be able to tank/heal trough the damage those deal. Also keep in mind that we were all just around level 12 out 50 when we entered the first dungeon so things may change at higher levels, but I doubt it will ever turn into WoW.

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@burningstickman: I read somewhere that one of the first content patches will include the thieves guild and the related skill line. It wouldn't surprise me if that one include more options for stealth.

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@darji said:

Hmm did something happen to the guild system? It shows me the create or join a guild screen again also my ID seems to be gone?

They turned off guilds and I think friends just like they did with mails before. My guess is that those two systems are somehow tied to some of the major bugs that forced them to shut down the server (people losing their entire bank, logging in to other peoples characters).

Mail was turned off because there were some bug that apparently allowed you to use it to duplicate items.

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I'm interested in jumping into this as it'd be great to have some duders to chill with. However i'm in the EU and changing the server to the US-Mega server prompts for a re-install which makes my already full SSD cry a small bit. I'm @brightzide if I can swing into the guild from here or if there is an EU get-together?

I'm from EU and I'm playing on the NA server and I'm sure most other people are too, this is usually the case on this site unless there is a region lock. The community of people who like MMOs on this site is not really large enough to support that. With everyone in a region being on the same server I haven't really had issues finding people online at late night or early morning US time which can be an issue in some MMOs.

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Stay as we are and when we get more people to join all factions will eventually have people. I will probably make an alt later in Aldmeri Dominion. Just make sure to tell what PvP campaign the guild is in so we don't join it with a character from another faction.

From what I have read you can have characters from multiple factions but they can't join the same campaign (PvP instance).

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@sharkethic: Those screenshot looks like they are on lowest everything.