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They really need to make the chat a premium only feature. It paints the entire community in a bad light when the chat gets out of control, even though the forums are rarely as vile. There are a lot of non-premium accounts without an avatar making some of the most heinous comment.

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Witcher 3

Although I have already per-ordered it it was nice to see some gameplay

Grim Fandango

It's Grim Fandango and Tim made it sound like it will come to PC too on twitter (nothing can get me to buy a console again)

Mirrors Edge

The first game is one of my favorite games ever and what little they showed looked like an improvement on it.

I really can't feel much hype for No Mans Sky yet, it could be amazing but so much can go wrong. The ship combat and explosions in that trailer looked pretty awful. I also doubt how fun finding new planets will be after ten or so, I have yet to play a procedurally generated game were you don't start seeing differently colored but otherwise repeating parts.

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@captiosus: I remember them saying that they will continue to introduce 5 man dungeons for people not into raiding. Although that doesn't change the fact that it still an MMO you play for multiplayer content. They will add more solo content (they said so in the launch day stream) but they will probably focus more on group and PvP content.

If you do like that in an MMO though this is probably the best game available right now. The instanced content in this game is really fun and well designed.

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I have already started saving up so that I can get an insanely powerful PC next year to play this at the best settings possible. This game will be amazing.

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@soulcake said:

dammit this game is region locked is there anyone playing on a EU server ?

Yes, like I mentioned on the last page I'm on Ascendancy and playing Exile. But there don't seem to be much interest from EU members, you are the only other one I have seen mention playing on an EU server.

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Hijacking this temporarily to say that if there are anyone playing Exile on Ascendancy(EU) we could form a Circle which seems to be a private chat without all the other guild functions and requirements. That way you can still join a real guild (as I don't expect to be able to find that many on an EU server).

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The reviews have been mostly 8 to 9 what is up with everyone acting like they are negative?

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I've finished it after about 5 hours, and here's my short verdict:

Gameplay and presentation are stellar, story and narrative focus are both severely lacking. You could skip Transistor and not really miss much, which is something I would never ever ever say about Bastion.

I agree, although I only think the gameplay is stellar during the first half of the game. By the end I was only using one combo for all enemies (stacking damage boosts on breach or cull to one shot everything).

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@demoskinos said:

" Transistor substantially elevates the medium of video game storytelling" - Forbes 10/10

And this is the kind of hyperbole that makes game reviews impossible to take seriously.

I just beat it and unlocked new game plus. It took me 5 hours, it felt really short. Bastion was also a short game but it didn't feel as short. I will play through it again to see if anything about the story changes as there are an achievement for beating it two times and bastion had two endings (although I don't think it will).

It was a decent although very polished game. The combat started of pretty good but at the end I just ended up beating everything with the same combo. The story did nothing for me. I'm inclined to agree with Tom Chick, I found Bastion far superior.

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I mostly seem to get it during the planning mode so it is not game breaking as I can just undo the moves, but I really hope they patch it soon.