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Just to add here: People are experiencing free levels (40-45) in this patch, which is a great glitch for most people who won't get the new DLC, but if you are planing on getting it, and you're currently playing on a level 40 character, then i suggest that you play adifferent character while waiting for a quick fix or when the new DLC hits the marketplace (in about two weeks) because you will miss any new level perks since they are not included in this patch, but only in the new DLC. 
Also, the patch is currently live on the PS3 NA aswell. The EU PS3 version will hit this midnight, and the xbox version will hit tomorrow or on friday sometime.

If you play on PC I think you could use setgs iMaxCharacterLevel 40. I have personally never used it but you should be able to use it to change the level cap.
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@Tim_the_Corsair: I've got 16Mbit (A)DSL and my FPS average around 60 I think.. depening on how much is going on.

There is nothing wrong with my connection, my rate is set to 50k, cmdrate and updaterate are both set to 100, and interp is set to 0.01. TF2 is the only game that feels weird to me, it's almost like CPMA (q3 mod) felt years ago, but a lot worse.

Win 7 64Bit, no WLAN.

Well, I've played so many FPS in my life that I'm probably oversensitive when something is a little bit off. Maybe it's because I've got the german cut version and there is something wrong with it, I don't know.

@gike987: 0 choke and and a little loss seems to be standard.

@DeeGee: I also bought it so that's not it, it has always been that way for me.

Woah that's your problem, those settings generally are suitable for every other Source game, but NOT TF2. Set your interp to 0.1 to start with, and wind back from there until you feel comfortable, but I will almost guarantee that 0.01 is what is causing your problems with projectile weapons. I generally never go lower than 0.03, and usually hover between .05 and .07 depending on server and class. I'd also consider lowering your rates a little; I use cl_cmdrate 60, cl_updaterate 60, rate 30000 with my cable connection, and it is more than sufficient considering TF2 servers are locked at 60 tick anyway.
The game is actually locked at 66 and not 60. 
I have cl_interp 0. cl_interp is calculated as cl_interp=cl_interp_ratio/cl_updaterate so if you set cl_interp to 0 the game seems to give you a value based on your cl_interp_ratio and cl_updaterate. I have noticed that with cl_interp_ratio left at 2 you get the lowest possible safe value (at least on my computer). The thing you should try to prevent is the lerp from ever turning yellow when you view it with net_graph. Of course no computer is the same and Valves default values are the safest, so you should never download one of those "pro" configs you find without knowing exactly what it does.
Read this for more information.
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Yes, high res textures for PC! I heard some rumor that they wouldn't do it, good to know that they still care enough about the PC version to add high res textures.

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Is Guild Wars worth it at this point or should I just wait for Guild Wars 2?

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You should probably wait until the July 19 patch. It's supposed to be a pretty large patch and it will probably break some mods before the mod authors update their mods. If you still want to play I would suggest you to only install graphic enhancing mods for your first playthrough. Avoid large gameplay altering mods like Project Nevada.
Poco Bueno is probably the only mod I would use for my first playthrough. EVE too but it's pretty new so you should probably wait a couple of updates.

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Use  net_graph 3. Are you getting a lot of choke or loss?

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I would avoid buying Two Worlds II. Apparently the game uses a DRM with an activation limit of 3 machines and the only way to get new ones are to contact their support, I have even heard that replacing your video card (and probably any other hardware) makes you lose an activation.

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According to Steam the game's release date is July 31 and not June 30 like the releases page says.

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Defense Grid and Torchlight are good games but I already own those. Everything else is either too expensive or does not  interest me. Although if you don't already own Defense Grid or Torchlight you should definitely get those, Defense Grid is probably the only tower defense game that I like.

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Its a neat game, actually really addictive. Only shame is it seems no ones playing online. Also i cant for the life of me figure out where the fireworks are for the goofy ticket, not sure if im just not lasting long enough in hoard mode.

Pick the the last HOARD mode map. Go to the village in the lower right corner and destroy all princess wagons when they get near the village, don't pick them up. Every time you get the fireball power-up you should use it to destroy wizard towers. That's how I got the achievement.