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I just wanted to chime in and say that for me video games and video game coverage is a form of entertainment and escapism and Giantbomb has always been a great source for that.

I find political discussions to be mentally and emotionally draining and I save such energy for local issues where I can actually have a meaningful impact.

Global political discussions on the internet always degenerate into Orwellian Two Minutes Hate sessions in echo chambers with the various groups occasionally taking a break to scream at each other. Its not what I want any part of.

I hope that you keep making lighthearted and game-centric content and the bombcast especially stays that way. Don't take that to mean no Samantha or something like that she was great and it is sad if she got shit talk.

So yeah please stay away from political and social issues and keep it Giantbomb Classic

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The hate train came from a reddit men's right subreddit. It's unfortunate that giant bomb and its community is being associated with them.

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The giantbomb forum is now tumblr

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I miss old GiantBomb

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or maybe you didn't watch the video?

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Windows will always get any game worth playing that is made for linux.

Plenty of game made for windows will never get ported/work on linux so no i won't switch.

Only way this is going to change is if microsoft stops making/supporting windows.

Gabe is just crying because he doesn't like microsoft having its own windows game store.

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Eurovision is the European version of the gathering of juggalos. Worst song, less violence... fucking terrible.

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So if you deliberately withhold reporting a bug to then exploit it when the game lunches you can get your account banned? See nothing wrong with that .. oh wait this is EA? Sorry let the circlejerk commence. 

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The xbox uses fast GDDR for everything and its far more expensive then desktop ram, so 8 gb would be extreme and unlikely.

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