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Good lord I made the worst choices under pressure in this episode.

I protected the Baby - Because, you know.

I Covered Luke - I really wanted to try to save him, but I panicked and I figured getting closer would just have broken the ice anyway. Then I panicked and tried to smash the ice, but I knew it was futile. Oh, and fuck you Bonnie for putting that on me later on.

I didn't ask to leave with Mike - Fuck you Mike, and Bonnie. Arvo, whatever, I get it.

I shot Kenny - I liked Kenny. I know he was kind of an asshole, but he was a survivor, and he was the only one left who I thought really understood Clementine. I was really torn during the fight, but once he was on top of Jane there was a little moment when I figured that was the last straw, that he'd flipped and there was no way back. So I pulled the trigger. If I had had any idea the baby was still alive, I absolutely wouldn't have. Then Jane's like "oh yeah, the baby's fine." FUCK YOU JANE.

I am alone with the baby - This seems like the worst possible outcome, but given the choice, the only one I could take. Oh, you orchestrated me killing my friend to prove he was the crazy one? And now you want me to go with you? Sure! Oh hang on a minute, no, because you're a fucking PSYCHOPATH! I'm taking this baby I can't possibly keep alive as far away as possible from you.

Man, what a bleak, horrible ending. It wasn't as emotionally resonant for me as the first, but I enjoyed the darkness of it. Didn't really get much out of that Lee flashback though.

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I played the original Silent Hill (the only Silent Hill I played in fact) in a dark room on a tiny black and white 13 inch TV screen at my grandparents' house in the middle of nowhere in the south of Ireland... and It was completely terrifying.

I bought the game because of the demo that came with MGS on the PS1, so in my mind, Kojima has always been tangentially a part of Silent Hill.

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I was also about to stay and watch Carver's death, I think because I kind of wanted to make sure he was dead, rather than because I wanted to see it; but when he was all like "haha, I knew it!" I said FUCK YOU and walked away. I win, Carver.

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lol did the dude in the beginning just say queer people?

As I understand it, "queer" has become a kind of catch-all term for people not confined to "traditional" binary gender roles, inclusive of LGBT and a whole spectrum of other social-sexual identities. It's been reclaimed and mostly lost its power as a derogatory word.

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URN BREW? What the fuck?

Seriously though, speaking as a Scotchman, the secret of Irn Bru is not only is it not made from girders, it's also not that good of a drink.

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This seems bad, but maybe isn't, but probably is. Oh well.

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Firstly, I doubt this was Ken Levine going "yeah, nobody else gets to run Irrational." Probably what happened was a long series of meetings about what Irrational was going to do next, and the result of those meetings may have been that 2K didn't share their vision for the future, or perhaps Irrational didn't have a vision for the future. Irrational's gone through so many staff in the development of Infinite that there might not be a structure there that someone can simply step up into Levine's role. Infinite appears to have been so troubled a development that there may be problems throughout Irrational, that it doesn't have the manoeuvrability to shift away from making these crazy Bioshock games.

Besides all that Ken Levine doesn't own Irrational, Take-Two does. It's not his to shut down, it's theirs. They obviously came to the decision that what's left at a Levine-less Irrational wasn't of value in and of itself. Honestly, I liked Infinite a lot, but I kind of think it's a miracle that it ever fell into shape. My impression of Irrational is that it's a studio of immensely talented people, riddled with the absolute terror that the thing they are making might just fall apart at any moment, and if it did, what would they be left with?

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Man, this "WHY IS BIOSHOCK INFINITE A SHOOTER" thing irritates me. BioShock Infinite HAS to be a shooter. That's the best way to convey the setting. Columbia is a dangerous, dark, violent place. If the entire game was just exploring the city without incident, that would not be true to the story. Comstock is a dangerous, violent man. Booker DeWitt is a dangerous, violent man who has committed horrific atrocities in his past and this is his last ditch effort to save himself. There is no other way for anybody or anywhere in the game to be.

Hear, hear.

What kind of other game could Bioshock Infinite be? Tower defense? Action-adventure? One of those roguelike RPG things people seem to be into these days? It's a game about a violent man confronting his essentially violent nature and the consequences of his violent actions in a world full of violent oppression. It's giant fortress in the sky full of insane American patriots who thought the real America wasn't American enough. It's hardly surprising everyone carries a gun and wants to shoot the guy they call a traitor.

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If the game is still a broken horrible mess in every other way, then I'm not sure this will help. But I'll give it a go. Maybe all of my successful cities suddenly inevitably catastrophically failing is a cloud syncing issue, I don't know.

I know they're really proud of their engine, and how it simulates things the way it does, but I don't really know how any of that bullshit actually makes the game better in any conceivable way. It's as if they designed an incredibly smart and mobile humanoid robot, and then you tipped it over and it just couldn't stand up on its own and instead wriggled around saying "please help me, I have fallen down. please help me, I have fallen down."