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I periodically buy a load of games at once, then spend a few months playing them one after the other. I don't keep track of unreleased games.

Ya'll work too hard.

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Just check the videos page. Make sure its showing the latest videos, and it's just oldest first (so starting with Wii U Launch: Wi-Fi Woes and Little Inferno). Also if you download them, they're numbered.

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Sure, $3 to sate your curiosity is entirely reasonable. But, personally, I wouldn't want to make the time investment to actually play it if I could be doing something else.

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I don't know. That MOH review is a little hard to read with those giant images breaking up the pacing of the text.

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@SomeDeliCook said:

How do you prove to them you bought the game? Take a picture or something?

More or less. Yeah.

When I ordered Assassin's Creed: Revelations back in December (during a boxing day sale), I ended up with a Signature Edition of the Game that didn't have the code for unlocking extra content. So I took pictures of the disc and attached a copy of the invoice and e-mailed that to customer support and they sent me a code.

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Nice job.

This is a much better resource than my list. Half of the reason that I haven't updated it in so long (around a year and a half ago, and I think all those download links are broken now) was because it started to get unwieldy and difficult to use. The other half is because I got real lazy. This is way easier to navigate.

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Criterion's games are the only racing games I play any more, and this is awesome for both the studio and franchise. I just hope they'll be allowed to make a straight Burnout game again one day. I need those crashes.

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As far as I've seen, it's only confirmed for North America and Australia with no mention of the UK anywhere. If you're feeling impatient, I'd look into importing.

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@Bassman2112 said:

@GrandHarrier: It's because she's the voice of Ellie in The Last of Us, and was a "major reveal" during Sony's press conference as being the lead character in the new Quantic Dreams game Beyond

She's not actually the voice of Ellie, people were just saying the character looks like her.