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#1 Posted by Gillard (21 posts) -

Michael Pachter.

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I have a weird list.

Final Fantasy VIII, Super Mario RPG and I know a lot of people hated it, but The Legend of Dragoon.

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Mine would have to be America's Army.  I loved that game plus it was free.

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Wait, I can download up to date rosters for 2k5? Your making me want to play

#5 Posted by Gillard (21 posts) -
@MattyFTM said:

Anyone who says "full of win" deserves to be lambasted.

True. Maybe I just took it the wrong way.
#6 Edited by Gillard (21 posts) -

haha yeah I never said I like him the scrub league definitely convinced me of that. I'm just saying if I knew they generally didn't like me I wouldn't stay.

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I never really post but I watch all the videos on Giantbomb and trust me I love the GB crew but if i were Corey I would quit.  Why does he put up with all the shit and disrespect he gets? I'm 100% sure the internship isn't worth it.  I would love to be in GB and work with them but if they didn't like me I wouldn't stick around to be treated like that.

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Yes please.

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I'm not saying I was here only for the ER I was on Giantbomb when it was a blog.  I'm just saying that because I no longer have a video that I know will appear at certain times I come on the site less.  I love Giantbomb.

#10 Posted by Gillard (21 posts) -

I do, I was just curious to see if other people are the same.

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