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Posted by DeathbyYeti

no enviro-bear?

Posted by Ravenhoe

Interesting list, I will try and check out those games

Posted by nintendoeats

Well, since this list is here...
Iji is not just a great free game, it is genuinely one of my favorite games ever.

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Death Rally has been freeware since 2009 :)  (apperently there's a version coming this month for iPhone/iPad)
Tyrian has been freeware since 2004 (Combined with Opentyrian it kicks ass!) 
Desktop Dungeons Kick ass take on a roguelike.
Supercratebox is a addictive indie title thats just plain simple fun :)
Hydorah is a decent retrostyled hardcore shmup
Hero Core is a retrostyled (black and white) metroidvania shooter, impressive nontheless.