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I just wanna toss out a humongous amount of gratitude towards idBloc. I was one of the ones caught in the mix of not being able to log in over the past few days, while the GB team was dealing with the huge transition to the new site.

In any case, this morning idBloc put a post up saying to tweet him if you need help, so I did, and just a few hours later my passwords reset and I'm logged back in! Thanks for being so prompt during a dicey situation, the site seems to be working pretty damn smooth tonight, keep up the good work!

It's looking great!

Thanks again,


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Ugh, too bad. Well , time to drop the price to $14.99 / $9.99 PS PLUS!

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Having the stuff on a backup isn't even an issue for me; my 100mbit connection ensures a minimum of 5MB/sec downloads from steam (I've had up to 19MB/sec, thanks to steam having some of the fastest servers on earth).

It's strictly OCD that keeps my entire library installed at all times.

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@Hitchenson I hear you man... I think I've got somewhere around 189 games installed in Steam right now... That doesn't include my GoG library and an impressive Emulation collection....

Them shits eat up the terabytes pretty quick!
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Woooo! Just yesterday I was thinking "man, Sleeping Dogs needs more DLC".

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@HaltIamReptar: It would be a waste of 50 cents if you didn't have the money to then operate the company.

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Yeah I just joined recently after listening on stitcher for the past year or so... do they do it live on the site or is it just uploaded ?

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@MordeaniisChaos: I have a similar rig to yours; 3570k OC'd @ 4.4ghz, GTX670 direct-cuii top (factory oc'd), 16gb corsair dominator in a Asus Maximus V Formula; and I had 0 problems running Farcry 3 @60fps 1080p all ultra settings.

I think all I had to do was turn off anti aliasing in game, because the MSAA just killed the frames, then force FXAA on in the nvidia control panel for essentially better AA at far less of a load.

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As it stands your already set to run those games at least at medium settings. The AMD A8 APU handles both cpu and gpu loads, so the integrated GPU will go alot farther than it would with a standard cpu.

If you want to run them all on high settings 1080p, just drop 300 bucks on a GTX 660ti and your good to go.