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I want a year of Link.

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@UlquioKani said:

  1. Lack of TANG


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Ateast PS3 has a good game with exlusive DLC. I have a 360 and I couldnt care less about call of duty DLC.

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Portal 2 
Dead space 2  
Mortal Kombat
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Oh hey, another one of these guys that say the same thing on every single topic.
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maybe instead of fast food it could be any resturaunt.
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@crusader8463 said:

                    They said a while back that it would be a book site. I'm personally holding out hope for a cooking site. A giant whisky style data base for recipes, being able to sort by food, maybe make a list of things you have in the kitchen and it shows you recipes that require those things. The possibilities are endless for a good wiki cooking site. Not to mention getting the right hosts to do weekly videos about tips and tricks, and getting some synergy with tested and do testing segments for cooking tools.



This would be awesome!
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I think music, or books would probably be the best fit. What ever happened to I never got to see the site, but the wiki would be verry helpfull and interesting. It would also be a great place for political debates.
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I love all of the Whiskey Media's websites, I love the staff and the content they provide, the Wiki format, and the community most of the time. I just wish that they would cover more topics so i could replace other websites with their unique style. If they created a new site what type of topic would you want it to be about? Politics, sports, music, books ect.