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I'll definately not be upgrading my main system straight away, only 6 months to a year later when everything I use is supported and all the bugs worked out. I will probably put a clean build onto one of my laptops however just so I can have a play around with it.

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I recently bought a Hori V3 which I would definitely recommend. (I think the V3 is ps3 only but they do a white one which is essentially the same for the 360.)

I don't think a fight stick is essential for fighting games although I find it a lot more fun, kinda like playing a racing game with a wheel or wearing lycra while playing cycling games...

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Anyone in the UK managed to successfully import a copy?

I really need a set of these, not sure about making them myself though.

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@Castermhief117 said:

By the way, the comments about Jane Douglas on the Star Select videos are pretty bad too...

To be fair, Jane Douglas is rather attractive ;)

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Hey Hey, imma let you finish but Bastion had one greatest rolls of all time!

Seriously though, great post. Can't wait for the doublies!

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Hey everyone, just jumped on the UK server for the first time. Great atmosphere and no a-holes! Thanks for showing me this game is as good as I thought it should be.

Origin: Gingerbear16

Steam: Gingerbear16

Only level 2 at the moment as i've been having crashing issues, sadface.

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Not quite the same but still pretty awesome; tried to buy a pre-owned copy of uncharted 2 in game for £7 (thought I'd play it as I've just got a ps3, time to check out some exclusives!) not until I got home did I realise he decided to give me a brand new copy of uncharted 3 instead. Bargain!

#8 Posted by GingerBear16 (41 posts) -
@The_Drizzle: Man, you got totally ignored! This is also the first Magic I have ever played, hit me up on steam! 
Steam ID: Gingerbear16
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@Winternet: Heyy, I got your friend request :)
#10 Posted by GingerBear16 (41 posts) -

Hey there, Merry Christmas! 
I would love a copy if theres any going 
Steam ID: Gingerbear16 
ta ;)

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