First Impressions on F.E.A.R 2

i just bought f.e.a.r 2 like two hrs ago, and im in like the 2nd or 3rd level right now...and i really like it so far, i played the demo that came in my OXM magazine and liked that, so i decided to go buy it..and so far its what i are sharp, yet not perfect by any means..and the for some reason your guy moves as if he is totally wasted..i really like the shadows, like when the light is to your back you see your guys shadow, nice touch..i really love the great depth of field when aiming..and as i have went on the enemies have gotten a tad harder (im playing on easy the first time through, just to enjoy the game the first time through)

overall this game is not scary, its like dead space, a game thats not scary, but has a hell of a good atmosphere, like dead space did a awesome job building up suspece with its music, and f.e.a.r 2 does the same

great game so far, hoping it gets even better


good for games

places like gamestop are great for people..i buy used games all the time, because i cant afford the full price..its a way to have people with budgets to get games..i think its great


no more heroes

portal is sooo funny..but i think it gets old fast..but in no more heroes, it stays funny and does new things to make it funny in every stage


Afro Samurai

i just bought the Afro Samurai comics..they have i think two volumes of it out now..i bought them both..its a very interesting story..and like everyone knows it was just made into a game

i havnt played the game yet..which isnt cool..ive been looking for it everywhere..even the local gamestops dont have them for the 360? which is odd

but from what i can tell from what i have seen from the quick look on giant bomb and other videos they stayed very true to the comics..the comics have fight after fight..which move along very fast which is great for games..well at least for me..i like when the pace of a game is fast

and it is also a tv show..which i havnt watched cause i never know when its on..i dont know what they do for Afro in the game and tv show..cause in the comics he never talks!! i have read the first volume and he says i think 3 total words

i am really stoked to get this game now..i was kinda interested before..but after reading some of the comics i am now wanting to go buy it right now

if anyone is on the edge of weather or not to get this game..i really think you should read the comics..they are very cheap..for the first two volumes it was only $23..the story is very simple and not hard to get lost in..i cant say much for the game cause i havnt played it..but if its like the should be epic


extremely hard time: the zack and wiki update

i know im late to the party...but i got zack and wiki: quest for barbaros' treasure on my last blog i said how this game is extremely charming..but i am more then half way done with this game now..and im about to break my in the fire section of the game..and almost at the "boss" section..i dont know if you can call them "bosses" but whatever

i really like this game..its extremely challenging..but yet every time i failed, i just kept going back and not throwing my wii against the wall..and for me thats something rare
..i am also very impressed with the graphics..this game looks soooo good

and let me know if this game gets any harder..ive noticed some of the challenges are hit and will be very hard and the next will be pretty easy..



adorable?...or is it just me? i just bought Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure..and is it just me or does that game just make you happy? i played it the awesome colors and cute design made me feel so relaxed and helped me solve the complex puzzles and not get frustrated

i wish more games had this kind of atmosphere



no game? :(

why do all sports have games?? etc..wheres the bowling games!!!!!!!!!!

i love to bowl..its my favorite thing to do as a fan of the sport i want a decent bowling game..they all suck
even wii sports to me is subpar..

i think they need to get on it..

i wish ubisoft made it and have ubisoft montreal make it..cuz they make some really B.A games!!!!!!!