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Yeah. It's August, almost September and I'm totally going to be that guy to already do my picks. These all aren't final, keep that in mind. I just feel like telling you all, my gb friends, what I think have been the best games I've played this year.... so far. Hope you enjoy. (All games were played on the PS3)


Best Downloadable Game

That's right. I picked that as my favorite downloadable game of the year. For those of you that don't know, it's a online shooter with western themes. I feel as if I'll be the ONLY one to include this in any of their lists. It's a fun little game, it looks good, plays pretty well. The only bad thing about it is that it drops you after each match, usually. So you'll have to go back into the lobby and join a new game. But the overall experience is fun enough to overlook that. That being said, it's more fun with players who know how to have some teamwork. But that's only for a few modes, most modes don't require that. All of the four classes play very differently, which is to be expected. There's a Deputy with a rifle, Gunslinger with a handgun, Blaster with a double barrel shotgun, and a Trapper who snipes. I found myself using the Deputy almost every time. The Blaster is the strongest out of all of them but with only two shots it's not very effective. But it also does the most damage. The game also looks pretty damn good for a downloadable game. Hell it looks better them most disc games. Fatshark, ex GRIN devs, has made a pretty damn good online shooter.  
Runner up - Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game - It's a damn good game, but the poor controls and random spikes in difficulty make it more frustrating to play then it should be. 

Best Story

I'm a huge BioShock fan. Loved the story, gameplay, character etc. And the sequel hits pretty much all of those notes. Oh and the story is pretty damn good. You play as the first Big Daddy who is brought back to life after being shot. But by who?? The story has some twists and turns that might not have had as big of a impact as the first game but it's pretty good.  
Runner up - Heavy Rain - Trust me, this has a damn good story. It came down to which one I liked the most.  

Best Visuals

3D Dot Game Heroes

Who knew it didn't take super real textures or character models to make a game look good. From Software simply put fucking small blocks together and made one of the best looking games of 2010. It's a unique look and it carries the game a very long way. It never gets old and is pretty humorous in some of their character designs. More devs should realize that to make a game look good, it doesn't have to have super real visuals.  
Runner up - Red Dead Redemption - Read what I just wrote and think the opposite.  

Most Disappointing Game

Lost Planet 2

One of the first blogs I wrote on the site was about how awesome I thought Lost Planet 2 was going to be. I had such high hopes for that game, it could have been awesome. But Capcom fucked that up pretty good. They overlooked all of their offline gamers and focused 100%on online gaming. It's pathetic. A lot of gamers out there don't have the ability to get online to game. That being said, the single player is nothing but a online mode with bots and the AI is dumber then goddamn rocks. During one level, you have to shoot a a Akrid with a giant gun. They staked up all the ammo where it's supposed to be loaded, I couldn't load it at all. That boss battle was too hard cause of that. Capcom should be ashamed with this game, it's trash. 
Runner up - Red Dead Redemption - As of right now this game holds the runner up spot. 

Best Game I Played That Didn't Come Out This Year

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time 
I got a late start on this game. I played Tools of Destruction last year and loved it but didn't pick this on up till about February. It's a hell of a game. Looks great, plays great but I felt that it wasn't as good as Tools of Destruction. But I feel that game is one of the best games on the PS3 so it had big shoes to fill. It was the first game I got a platinum in, yes I played it twice. And I enjoyed every minute of it. 
Runner up - BioShock - I wanted to put Batman: AA in the runner up spot but BioShock is so damn good. 

Game of the Year

BioShock 2

I really feel like 2K Marin and all of the other 20 developers of this game has made the best game this year. It's a well done shooter with a fantastic story to be told. I loved it so. BUT there's a ton of new games to come out that have lots of promise. So this could change, and you know what. I hope it changes. Not that I don't like BioShock 2, I love the damn game, I say that because this game came out in what February? If no game can beat that in 10 months, that shows a lack of great games this year.  
Runner up - WHO FUCKING KNOWS!! 
Hope you enjoyed the read. At the end of the year this will probably change and have more categories so check in then!! 
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I'd punch your life in the balls.

Here's a quick little blog to catch up on what I've been up to since my last blog... three days ago. 

  • I'm continuing to make my blog titles quotes from Scott Pilgrim
  • Played Batman: Arkham Asylum. 
  • Liked Batman: Arkham Asylum quite a bit.
  • Stayed up till about 1:15 am to beat Batman: Arkham Asylum... 1:15...
  • Rented Red Dead from EDJE (a game store in my town)
  • I like the story, characters and visuals. Can't get into anything else though.
  • Definitely not the best game I've played this year by any means. 
  • Saw the trailer from DB: Raging Blast 2 and loved it
  • Realized I'm the only one who plays DBZ fight games as their main fighting game.
  • Got put into a beta for Bad Kitty twitter app on the Palm. Love that app. Best twitter app for any phone.
  • And yes. I've used Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Blackberry and Tweetdeck.
  • My bowling team got 22.50 a piece for coming in fourth place
  • I got a dollar more for having the third highest game, a 254.
  • Went golfing with my friend and his German friend.
  • He wasn't too good.
  • America won. 
Ight. That's all for now guys. Hope you enjoyed. 
Thanks for reading 

This blog is here 2 make you think about death & get sad & stuff

(things were shortened in the title to get it all to fit)  
So heres a rundown on what I've been up to in the past week. 

  • Looked at apartments with my sister, she's moving. 
  • Quietly bitched about being out looking at apartments.  
  • Bought the Scott Pilgrim game that night
  • Cried cause it was too awesome
  • Bowled on Thursday
  • Bowled a 254
  • Saw the Scott Pilgrim movie Thursday night/Friday morning
  • Came in my pants probably 9 times from it.
  • Fell in love with everyone in that movie, sooo good.
  • Played some Mirror's Edge and Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2 is terrible, still.
That's all really. Nothing too special about my week. Here's to next week!! 
Thanks for reading 

Yo. The music of Scott Pilgrim is pretty dope.

I bought the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim today off iTunes cause Walmart didn't have it. I enjoyed most of the songs found in the movie, but the one problem I've always had with listening to a song after it was in a movie is I realized that it was only good in that context. Some of the Scott Pilgrim songs are that way, but most stand out on their own.  
All of the song the Sex Bob-Ombs sing are written by Beck and they standout as the best in the movie. With a very good opening song one called Garbage Truck, Threshold, and Summertime. Threshold is probably my favorite, cause it's featured in a awesome battle, but stands alone well. Plus it has one of my favorite lines from the books "WE ARE SEX BOB-OMBS AND WE'RE HERE TO MAKE THINK ABOUT DEATH AND MAKE YOU SAD AND STUFF!!"  
One non Sex bob- ombs song that stands out will be Black Sheep by Metric. It's awesome. In the movie Envy Adams sings it (she's on Clash at Demonhead). 
There's also a score soundtrack that I didn't buy, but I bought the Katayanagi Twins vs Sex Bob-Ombs which Threshold is played. It also has a amazing, and I mean AMAZING bass battle between Todd and Scott which is now the ringtone for my phone ^__^ and the old school Universal music which is also on my phone.  
I'd say get them both, only the Score one if you're into the movie as much as me. They're are both pretty legit. 


OMG SCOTT PILGRIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Alright so I saw Scott Pilgrim vs the World at midnight last night. It was pretty much the best thing I've ever seen, and trust me I'm not lying. From the moment the Universal pixelized logo played with oldschool snes music you know this will be awesome. You'll understand more when it opens with some Zelda start music and a sequence that was straight from Seinfeld. The movie has some style unlike any movie you've ever seen. 
The acting is all very good, but it's a little sketchy near the beginning. Yes, Michael Cera KILLS it as Scott, he's very, very good. Brandon Routh also blew me away, he is down right hilarious as Todd Ingram. Ellen Wong also blew me away as well with her portrayal of Knives Chau, she's very cute in this movie.  
The movie is legit. With it's non stop comedy it appeals to non Scott Pilgrim fans and opens it to anyone who loves a good comedy. Most Edgar Wright films have funny moments, but I haven't seen a movie of his that is as funny for the whole 2hours as this movie was. You'll laugh for the majority of the movie. Near the end, it takes a more serious note and the laughs get farther apart.
To all the people who don't wanna see this movie cause Michael Cera is in it, I pity you. You're missing out on a true gem. A the style is as original as the concept of Inception. It's a movie that truly shouldn't be missed. Go see it, once, twice or even three times. You'll enjoy it each time. I may not have laughed the whole time, but I had a grin from ear to ear the whole time. 
I give it 80989 out of 5. 


My Thoughts On Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game

 So the game hit today, for US users, tomorrow for those overseas. I've played the first level twice, just cause it's that good.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World isn't a easy game by any means. But when you get the combos and when to time your attacks down, the game becomes much easier. That being said, it's a fluid game. The animations are clean and look great. Square is for light attacks, triangle is for strong, circle blocks and X jumps, standard controls. You can either choose to move with the analog sticks or with the D-pad, either way gets the job done. 

The combo system is pretty good. I'm not that good at a fighting game to get combos, but they explain them pretty well in this game. The game is pretty deep, which caught me off guard. There's hidden passages to move forward in a level in you're being rushed by enemies and the shop system, while funny, is surprisingly effective. You can buy Lost at Sea, one of O' Malley's other books at a store, I personally thought that was funny. With that you learn new moves, when I bought it I leveled up. Not sure that will happen every time though. Also you can buy new music and food which give you health back and boosts your health for awhile. 

There's still more for me to check out with this game, but from what I can tell, this game would be AWESOME with online coop. But if they never patch it, you'll have to play with a friend at your house. And really, no online play is a small bump in a round for a game that might be the best downloadable game of the year. 

Plus if you're as big of a fan of the books as I am, you'll enjoy the nods to the books as well. This game is awesome.    


Fuck you Gamestop guy.

Alright. Usually I'm the one who defends Gamestop because really they aren't as bad as people think. I still think that after tonight, BUT this one dude pissed me off. Well I shouldn't say pissed me off, mostly annoyed me. 
As you all know, I'm a pretty die hard fan of Scott Pilgrim. I went into Gamestop today wearing my Scott Pilgrim vs the World Slayer 1 shirt and a employee there asked me when the movie came out. I said the 13th which is a fact. So then the dude goes on to ask me if I knew the game was a remake. Remake? I asked. Yeah, Scott Pilgrim is a remake from the NES. They must have been like, 'oh we can make a movie out of that game'. Wait, what?? I'm pretty sure the game AND movie were on the books written in the early 2000s to 2010. I just went along with it to be nice but dude that's bullshit. That's the one time I've went into a Gamestop and had some dumb ass comment from a employee, that particular Gamestop is my favorite one too. I just thought that was weird to say this. He even told me to look it up. I did and found nothing.


Scott Motherfucking Pilgrim

To read this you'd have to have went to my profile page right?? Did you get a good look? What did you notice? A lot of weird shit right? Well that weird shit is the coolest shit in the world.
Don't know if you all know this but I'm a HUGE Scott Pilgrim fan, but not so into it that I dress up as Scott or any of the other cast cause that's just plain wrong. But I know my fair share about Scott Pilgrim. I feel bad cause I feel the movie is what got me into it. I first saw the trailer over at and feel in love with it then. Since then, I've read all the books, bought a wallet and shirt of it. But what started out as just wanted to see the movie has turned into a full blown obsession. 
For those who are unfamiliar with the series, it's about Scott Pilgrim. Scott is a 23 year old, jobless, dude living in Canada in a crappy appartment with Wallace Wells, who is gay. He first starts dating a girl named Knives Chau but it doesn't last too long. He starts having dreams of this girl, a girl in goggles. When Knives and Scott are out he sees this lady who looks just like the lady from his dreams. From that moment on his is determined to get with that chick!! He cheats on Knives and starts getting with Ramona. Knives then drops the "L" word and Scott breaks up with her then. So after a while Scott is with Stephen Still, Kim Pine and they are about to play a show with their band the Sex Bob-ombs. Over the course of the first book Scott has been getting notes and emails from a person. Scott just throws them away or reads them without care. But at the show this comes back to bite him. A man named Matthew Patel breaks through the ceiling and challenges Scott to a battle. Scott is dumb founded but it is explained that Scott must battle all seven of Ramona's seven evil exes to win her heart. So that's basically the whole story of Scott Pilgirm.
What I love most about the books is that it has a relatively fresh sense of humor. It mixes the whole "I gotta win this girls heart!!" and situational comedy pretty well. It's really hard not to like these books. Unless you know, you don't like comic books. Wallace is probably the funniest characters dropping lines like "You hear that? That's market bacon hitting the pan. Today a child is born unto us, and his name will be bacon." One thing though I didn't like too much about the book is that I wish it was taken more serious. The Lucas Lee fight, while funny, is kind of disappointing cause they hardly fight at all. Lucas is beaten by falling off his skateboard. FUCK!! But some of that gets better as the books go on. The second book, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, is mostly what I'm talking about. To me, that was the worst of the books.
 I highly, HIGHLY recommend you read the books before going to see the movie. You owe it to yourself to read a really good story, a story that I don't think would work as a normal book. One thing that sucks is that none of my friends or family give a shit about the Scott Pilgrim books or the movie, well other then my sister. But she only wants to see the movie. But damn are they missing out.
If you are thinking about getting them, I suggest getting them off Amazon. They're about three or four bucks cheaper. 
Again. I LOVE the Scott Pilgrim books. It's one of the few things I know a lot about. The others would be bowling and Fallout 3. Oh and I'm DEFINITELY getting the game. Day one. The minute it comes out.
Well thanks for reading :)

 Awesome picture is fucking awesome.

Yo. My Knees are Bleeding.

Sup GB followers. Here's my latest update on what I've been up to. Just a quick one like my last blog. I like doing this best.


  • LittleBigPlanet is still pretty dope
  • I'm kind of obsessed with Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
  • Fat Princess is as fun as ever
  • Gamefly finally sent me two games I really wanted to play. Usually it's one I wanted and one I didn't care about.

Real Life

  • I need to practice more with my bowling
  • College starts the 30th
  • Haven't went to practice my golf game in a while.
  • Still single.... ladies.
Well thanks for reading folks :) 


I want a new background image for my profile. Not that it's terrible cause I do like it. But I want a custom one. BUT I don't know how to do it. I'd tried for about two hours to make this. 
I want Scott on the left of my profile looking over at Ramona. And if you can get the brown of the wallpaper to tile between them that'd be great. Here's the pic I want to use. 

link to the full sized version.
I'd greatly appreciate this if some one could do this for me. :)
Thanks a head of time,