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I really want that mouse pad.

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Hopefully they ignore Jurassic Park II as well.

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Mass Effect 4 is just going to be another massive disappointment isn't it?

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@beb said:

Is the "MOBA-space" really competitive? I know that everyone and their grandma is trying to make a DOTA clone, but are any of them any good / successful (competitive)?

LoL and DOTA2 are at the top - is there anything that could be considered 'third place' or are all these games just fighting over scraps and doomed to die?

Smite seems to be the third place from what I've seen/heard. Heroes of Newerth also still regularly gets 50K players, which is bad relative to Dota and LoL but still good.

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@lalalandia said:

Honestly I find myself in two minds on this, one half regards the whole thing as a gross invasion of privacy dressed up in a trojan horse hashtag to drive prominent female voices out of gaming

Been following this mess since day zero. People aren't mad there woman making games, they just don't like what Zoe Quinn did. Argue about whether or not that information ever should have been made public, but it has been and it's OK for people to have opinions about it.

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Its simple: If you really care about the problems with "ethics in games journalism", help get rid of the harrsment campaign that is detracting from the message you want to get out. If this is really what concerns you, others are mudding up the message and making you all look like jerks.

For what it's worth, most people in the 4chan threads are decrying the harassment shit (like you said, it just muddies the water). It's hard to get rid of the people harassing when they're totally disconnected and are probably just trying to get a rise out of everyone.

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I am not a big fan of these runs, if he beat the whoooooole thing in 18 minutes (impossible I know) I'm interested but glitch runs just don't do it for me. I love skill based or running through games normally as fast as they can. Like during this past event I caught myself watching an hour of a Quake 100% speed run and was fascinated, or like the Funkdoc run of the original castlevania and just beat the shit out of it.

Using glitches to your advantage against AI I'm cool with, but a glitch to skip to the end doesn't really interest me.

That's why there are multiple different kinds of runs. This run is just the fastest.

You turn on the system, start the game and the fastest way you can beat the game (that we know of) is this run.

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This really blows.

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this website is so weird.

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@sravankb said:

If only Giant Bomb had this attitude towards Monster Hunter.

And honestly, I would argue it's actually easier than both those titles. It's far, far less frustrating and easier to get into. The only hard part of that game is understanding a monster's AI and patterns.

Hell, it's far more satisfying as well. When you beat a monster it's because you have not just outsmarted it, but also out-maneuvered it. It has very little of the random traps and other bullshit you find in Dark Souls and Spelunky.

Other than the weighty combat mechanics, there's nothing really in common with these two games and I've never understood why people continue to compare them to each other. It is possible to love one and not the other.