2010 Top Albums of the Year

 Well 2010 is over and I gotta say, it was a pretty good year for entertainment so I decided to share my thoughts about this past year. So I would start with my favorite albums of the year and i have a lot to say about each of them. I listen to anything pretty much that has to do with rock, but the past couple of years i have been listening to lots of hardcore music (i hate the word "Screamo", but i'm sure if you give some of that type of music a chance depending on the band you could enjoy it. Theres a certain type out there for everyone.
(Shout out to EightBitWarrior, if I didn't see your blog about your favorite music this year I probably wouldn't have done this category, thanks dude!) 
NOTE: None of these are in any particular order, just my favorites :) 

  Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise
 This is a band i discovered at the beginning of the year and i started liking them a lot. The singer sings in a really high voice but he sounds great. When I heard they were coming out a new album at the time, I couldn't wait. They have a very interesting take on progressive rock  you should give it a listen.  Favorite Tracks: Get Out, Through the Desert Alone, Imaginary Enemy, Every Way (This song is only on the Deluxe Edition)


 Angels and Airwaves - LOVE
A lot of you may know this band because of Tom DeLonge, who is the guitarist and one the singers from the very popular blink-182. He formed this band after  blink-182 first broke up many years ago. And now the band is back together so he is both bands. I've always really love the outer space-like atmosphere that Angels and Airwaves creates from their music. This album does everything that you will want from this band and it sounds great. And i can't wait for the next album Love: Part II and the full-feature length film they are puttin out later this year. Favorite Tracks: Young LondonHallucinations, Soul Survivor (...2012), The Flight of Apollo, The Moon-Atomic (...Fragments and Fictions), Letters to God, Part II

 Jack Johnson - To The Sea
Everyone should listen to this guy, he's outstanding. Everytime I listen to Jack i just feel happy, and this album just made me think about the beach, spring/summer, and having fun with my friends. I'm not exaggerating when i say that this album was on repeat for most of the summer. Whether it was on my iPod, my computer, or in my car I was constantly listening to this album. You should really give a listen. Favorite Tracks: You and Your Heart, To the Sea, At or With Me, Turn Your Love, Only the Ocean, No Good With Faces 

 Four Year Strong - Enemy of the World
My friend showed me this band at the end of '09. They are probably one the best pop-punk bands ever and they are becoming more and more popular. I just love being with my friends and yelling the lyrics along with the gang vocals they put in their songs. And this album is a "pop-punk  juggernaut". There is something in this album that anyone could love. You should really check this band out. I dont have any favorites on this album because I love all of them equally.....yea its that awesome.
Underoath -    Ø (Disambiguation) 
I have a lot to say about this. I have been listening to this band for years and i've never seen a band progress thier music differently with each album they put out more than these guys. If you listen to their breakthrough album They're Only Chasing Safety and then listen to this album you'll understand. But i had to go into this album with and open mind as well as any other vfan should, because of thier departure of the drummer, clean vocalist, as well as the final founding member of the band, Aaron Gillepsie,  who has always had special place in the band for being able to write music, play drums and sing at the same time. I knew that this was going to be a lot different from thier past albums. But I have to say they didn't dissapoint, it's a very different turn for them and it sounds great. Their lead singer Spencer Chamberlain has really progressed in taking the resposbility of being able to take care of clean and unclean vocals and he sounds fantastic and thier new drummer Daniel Davison (formerly of the Norma Jean) really goes all-out. I will still say that nothing will compare to They're Only Chasing Safety, but I do really enjoy the way there gonna take their music in the future.Favorite Tracks: In Division, Illuminator, Catch Myself Catching Myself, Paper Lung, Vacant Mouth, In Completion 
 Attack Attack!- self-titled
This is a hardcore metal band that has a lot of history. I've been listening to them since their debut back in '08. Thier first studio album Someday Came Suddenly is one of my favorites. This band have been known to perform the metalcore and post-hardcore genres combined with electronica influence This combination usually features distinct traits into their music which include (but are not limited to) Auto-Tuned singing, techno-influenced breakdowns and keyboard solos. And for the most part they can really pull it off. But after the departure of their unclean vocalist Austin Carlile, they brought in a new singer who i really didnt care for at all. Shortly before they started to write this album at the end of '09 the unclean vocalist left and their keyboard and synth player Caleb Shomo took over screams. And he sounds phenomenal on this record as well as they guitarist and clean vocalist  Johnny Franck. This album is a lot heavier than the last and it's taking a turn for the better. Recently Johnny Franck has left the band and Caleb Shomo will take over clean and unclean vocals, im really curious how that will turn out in the future. Favorite Tracks: AC-130, Smokahontas, Renob, Nevada, Sexual Man Chocolate, Fumbles O'Brian, Lonely

 Of Mice and Men- self-titled
This band was formed in '09 when Austin Carlile  was kicked out of Attack Attack!, and i gotta say they made one hell of an awesome debut album, Austin's screams sound amazing and the guitarist/clean singer Shayley Bourget,  has a really powerful voice. Now Austin has been kicked out of this band as well. Talk about Deja Vu, so now i'm curious to see how this band turns out in the future.  Favorite Tracks: Westbown and Down, Second and Sebring, Those in Glass Houses, The Ballad of Tommy Clayton & the Rawdawg Millionaire, Seven Thousand Miles for What?, YDG!?
 The Devil Wears Prada- Zombie EP
This band has to be one of the greatest metalcore bands ever and they will always hold a special place in my heart. Even though this isnt a full lentgh album and only and EP it doesn't dissapoint. The idea came from lead singer Mike Hranica after he read the book The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. After reading it he said "What if we made a zombie song?' All it took was me just saying that to the band, and we had our hearts set on doing this EP. And thats what it's all about...ZOMBIES!!!!!! And it's just awesome, I wouldnt be lying if i said I listen to this when i play Call of Duty: Zombies.....cause I do haha, it just makes it more fun. I highly reccomend checking this out. Fav Tracks: The whole cd, considering its only 5 songs
 A Day To Remember- What Separates Me From You
This is my second favorite band of all time, and i was just aching waiting for this to be released. This band is widely popular for mixing harcdcore music with pop-punk, and as of right there's no other band that can pull it off perfectly other than A Day to Remember. My only problem with it is that its only 10 songs and it just seems really short. But every song delivers and most of them are incredibly catchy. The song 2nd Sucks is one my favorite songs ever. The beggining of the song starts of with a quiet guitar riff and as it gets louder then the Mortal Kombat annoncer says FIGHT! and the song just gets crazier till the very end.  Great album and i can easily reccomend to anyone as well the older albums which are just as good. Favorite Tracks: 2nd Sucks, All Signs Point to Lauderdale, You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic, All I Want, This is the House that Doubt Built, It's Complicated 

Coheed and Cambria - Year of the Black Rainbow 
My album of the year. This is my favorite band of all time. You might know their famous song Welcome Home from Rock Band 1. This is a concept band, thier music tells a story with each album they put out. The lead singer Claudio Sanchez writes a comic book called The Amory Wars and they music they put out is about the story and characters from the comic, and lots of their music is influenced by Claudio Sanchez's life reading them makes listening to the music so much more enjoyable. This album is a prequal to all the comics and music they have already released, I purchased the Special Edition which included a 352 paged novel of the same named written by Claudio Sanchez and Peter David (who has written many comics such as Super Girl and Incredible Hulk). And i gotta say this album really did for me the music is fantastic and the story is even better, and be able to write more that just music is a real accomplishment and i gotta say is the reason why Coheed and Cambria my favorite band of all-time. Favorite Tracks: Made Out of Nothing (All That I Am), Here We Are Juggernaut, Far, Pearl of the Stars, World of Lines, The Broken, The Black Rainbow, Hush (only available on  iTunes)
Wow that was a lot haha. I know i go into detail a lot , but thats just how I am. So thats that and i really hope that you give some of the bands a listen and see if you can enjoy them as much as I do. My next part will be my top movies of the year, and then video games following that.  
Catch you Later :)

Seriously Microsoft!?

I seriously regret putting in my real birthday when i signed up for xbox live back in 2005. I got into the preview program for the new xbox update including Facebook, Twitter, last.fm and all those other cool goodies. But like every cool new feature that Microsoft puts on Xbox Live, you have to have an adult Xbox Live account. Godammit Microsoft why must you always dissapoint me?


An Achievement FINALLY unlocked :)

My god!!!! After 2 weeks of trying to get this annoying stupid-ass achievement. I finally got it lol. For any you still trying to get it, all I can tell you is look up videos on YouTube about it. And eventually after the 88374750982391938482710895710894910239846 times you'll die trying to finish it, you'll beat it. It just takes time.

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