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Yeah, and I suppose it's only $6 either way. Screw it, Skyrim is mine.

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I'd like to get Skryim today but the cheapest I can find it is $54 on D2D. Should I wait a week to see if Greenmangaming puts out another 20% off coupon, or should I just get it now?

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Did search, didn't find. Maybe the search system needs an overhaul instead of adding myspace bars onto the bottom of the screen.

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I'm suddenly getting an annoying bar at the bottom of my GB pages with things like share page, recent activity, twitter, videos, rss and "like" on it. What is this and how do I get rid of it completely?

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@Witzig said:

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
Think batllefield 1942 but unreal engine (I believe 2.5) and bullet psyhics. Look for Red Orchestra 2 August 30 for 39.99

QFT. I'm still playing the original and the Darkest Hour mod and it is easily one of the best WW2 games ever made. Maybe one of the best shooters ever. 
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Kindle is best. Nook is inferior (sold mine). iPads aren't for reading.

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  They will always rock. 
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I had to type and delete thos post fourteen times before I could submit it to ensure that it is grammatical error free, else I have to pull all my chest hair out. 

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@Scooper said:
" The Half-Life 2 story arc is incredibly interesting to me. No other game has gotten close to catching me like that series. I just want to know so much about the characters and what's going to happen next. "
I'm with you. It's a classic sci-fi dystopia story. How can I not love it? 
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@SMTDante89 said:
" Early Gifts (given from others or bought for myself):
  • Dio at Donington (Live CD)
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (DVD)
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Rock Band 3 Keyboard
Christmas Gifts:
  • Dire Straits' "Brothers in Arms"
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack (before anyone asks, NOT GLEE)
  • Whitesnake's self-titled
  • White Stripes' "Elephant"
  • Pencils/Deodorant (same present)
  • Gloves/toboggan
  • Knife (something every guy in the family gets every Christmas and it looks really nice)
Gifts that had my name on them but were actually for someone else (The "Oops, My Bad" gift)
  • Playing cards and two keychains
 And I still have about $53 left to spend on whatever. "
Each male gets a new knife every Christmas? What are you using the knives for that they need to be replaced on a yearly basis?  
Also, great gifts everybody. You've all got great taste.