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Stunning, completely moved the bar for me in terms of what to expect from a thriller.

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So when is this going down?

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Cool Troy related story; My dad was in the Troy site in modern day Turkey a couple of years ago and found a legit Trojan coin. It has a mans face on one side and a swastika on the other side. Looks at least 2.5k years old.

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Looking forward to comparing screenshots from the PC version of Rome 2 Total War and the console version...

Oh wait.

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I am only giving myself tonight to cry about this. Tomorrow I will be happy for the joy he brought into my life and try to share it any way I can for as long as I can. RIP Ryan Davis.

I am too choked up about this to post anything of my own.

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@baal_sagoth: But what do you really think about Riff Raf?

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Glad you'll still be popping up on content, Dave, one of my fondest memories of GB is the Bombcast where Jeff is 'singing' Nintendo releases and you shout "I'm trying to build a website!".

"I'm trying to put content on your website!"

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I've recently been playing BF3 Vanilla with a group of friends on P.C after a long, long absence from the game. They all own the D.L.C, and tell me it's quality, but not worth the asking price in retrospect.

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@casper_ said:

bombcast faked the moon landing

Giantbomb wants you to be sick, man.

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Heard this on Blue Jam