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@Blueman said:

" I hope it's early again like last week. "

Totally, it gives us Europeans the opportunity to listen to it before going to bed. Or listening to it in bed, which I personally always do.
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Agreed, but Coach is a legend.

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WIll Jeff be on the Bombcast today?

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@EpicSteve said:
" @xMP44x said:

" I'd love to see some shirts. Maybe branded mousemats as well, because with me, that would always get used. And maybe memory sticks as well! :o "

That just makes me think of an entire GiantBomb-Gift Shop.  -GiantBomb clothing -Luchadeer coffee cup -Gerstmann-Bars  -The GiantBomb office Snow Globe-Baseball-caps with antlers on them -Staff action figures -A shirt that says "I watched the entire Endurance Run, and all I got was this T-Shirt".  -Those wooden stand-up things you put your head through for pictures. So it'll be like your head instead of Vinny's. -Everything has to cost about $10 too much. "
I'd love a collectible figure set of the crew. I'd lay down some good money for a 'Season 2' 'fro Ryan figure.
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@Th3_James said:
" I know some guy who got arrested at PAX East  "
What did he do?
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 You think you have problems.
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To think I was actually interested in this game at a time.

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In the Junglution, what happens to people who have never played Jungler before?

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3 stars, no way is this a 4/5 star game.

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Borderlands has a heck of a lot of content even without considering the DLC. Just Cause 2 looks like it will get repetitive quickly, ala Mercenaries 2.