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I had to open my PC for the first time to RMA the GPU, removing it from the mobo was a pain in the arse, nearly tore the bloody thing off.

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I was browsing Bloody Disgusting earlier, a popular thriller/horror review site and ended up reading a review of Uwe Bolls' Rampage. They gave it a 7/10.

So it turns out this film is actually pretty good, something blindly ignored by the gaming community. Being told your life's work is a pile of shit has to hit home sometimes I guess?
  A man with a thirst for revenge builds a full body armor from Kevlar and goes on a killing spree. "Uwe Boll has made a good movie. Not a great movie, but a decent film. Not just good in comparison to the rest of his filmography, but a good movie in its own right." "Uwe Boll made something solid, memorable, and well worth seeking out." "Forget anything you ever knew about Uwe Boll. This is solid cinema and deserves praise. There comes a shocking 9 out of 10. Well earned." "Uwe Boll made a film that is sick, violent and fun — for the second time, he's made a film that I have enjoyed. " 
Bloody Disgusting    "Dr. Uwe Boll has delivered a film that I can finally recommend. While it might not sit well with every viewer, most of you might actually enjoy this. "

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I'm vegetarian. I don't drink or take recreational drugs.

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I totally think GTA: 5 should have optional functional gas-stations. Maybe they could give a slight speed increase or something.

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I had a little of this last night, and i'm located in the UK.

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@rjayb89 said:
" Somebody needs to buy it and send it to Ryan. "
I'm not sure, is this good news for Lincoln Force or not?
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Little Big Planet

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Excuse me if i'm being an idiot but I don't remember the option to toggle run/walking in Pokemon : Crystal?

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Hmm, as a huge Stephen King fan this CE interests me deeply.

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This thread sucks, flagged OP.