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" Yikes 1200MSP, and nice to see Activision doing their bit in recycling with two old maps. That's just too much and considering that MW2 is rife with hacks/cheats it's a shame that a lot of people will probably still pay it. I've moved over to Bad Company 2 now... "

I agree. I even traded in my copy of MW2 for Battlefield. Activision can suck my salty brown balls. "
I feel like I get more content from BC2, or at least more shit to blow up.
MW2 feels very basic and aged in comparison, and charging this much for a map pack is insane. Dice's DLC efforts may be minor at this point, but it still shows a contribution to their fans, plus, BC2 is already packed with content.
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I read a article including in-game screenshots of 'To End All Wars' back in 2006/2007, it looked pretty awesome, i'm assuming it's dead by now, they were estimating at a spring 08 release.

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Having just read the Destructoid review, I want a Endurance Run of this game so badly.

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" @Meowayne said:
" Datalog. "
Sounds fun.
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Edge usually has great concept art on the cover, and I prefer the review style in Edge.

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Best forum post of the week.

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I hate these kind of threads.

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In-game voice chat has been dead since NXE unfortunately.

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Damage modifications were made server side on day 1, so your answer is yes.