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Or you can give me the PSN ID and I can spend months gaining his trust until he reveals to me his shipping address cause I want to send him an extra copy of x game.

I like this plan. Do it.

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The fuck is going on in that photo? Is she topless and wearing just panties? That's what it looks like to me.

Serious question

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That 'thing' in 6? What is that? Is that the new Big Daddy?

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Maps with AI and/or vehicles cannot be published or played with other people.

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@billyhoush said:

I'm preordering this for PS3. Gotta support the motherland even though I was disappointed by AC3. Plus, I haven't punched a tiger in the face since Yakuza 2.

Trying to work out your ethnicity... Iranian/French/Turkish?

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My guitar strings have fallen off...i've got a paper in next backs hurts...

I just want to lie down and listen to the Bombcast. Please be quick, Bombsquad.

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@JasonR86: Well, I agree with the points he/she is making. What do you think about the post?

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But I wish Giger had been allowed more power in the production stage. I've heard bits and pieces about how they had to scale down his initial concepts, due to time constraints. I wonder what kind of depraved, twisted, art-house madness we would have ended up with if he had been allowed to run wild. I haven't seen Prometheus as of yet, but I imagine it isn't as strong as Alien was visually.

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@cool8man said:

Only in today's mixed up society does paying doctors thousands of dollars to drastically and permanently change your appearance equate to being yourself. In fact gender reassignment is the height of not accepting who you are. You can't transfer reproductive organs so these changes are largely cosmetic and superficial albeit incredibly dangerous and extremely unhealthy. Why does someone who resorts to surgery and dangerous hormone drugs deserve more credit and support than someone who actually accepts the body they were born with? I think the individual who is capable of finding happiness at a deeper level than what they see in the mirror is the type of person you should really admire. If an individual decides they're unhappy with the race they were born as decides to change their skin color the "progressives" don't cheer them on. When Jamaicans bleach their skin to try to appear white nobody says its a great thing representing "progress". What's the difference, neither person is happy with how they were born. I just feel sorry for these people, they're not going to find true happiness under a knife, there are bigger issues they're not truly dealing with.

This is actually a great post.