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Just play the No More Room in Hell Source mod people. Nothing to see here, just another limited console game. To think people are actually shelling out on a new console just to play Zombie U.

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Chamillionaire looks like 50 Cent?

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@JasonR86 said:

Yeah. It'll be the Walking Dead.

Patrick will fight for that game until the death, and I hope he wins. It's crazy that we're talking about a Telltale game being GOTY, especially a zombie themed Telltale game...

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Why are we getting reviews for Call Of Duty on Giantbomb? What's the point? I'd rather a VJ playthrough of Mount & Blade: Warband, or something. For me, Giantbomb needs to decide what kind of a games site it wants to be, because I don't think anyone is getting truly satisfied at the moment. I've warmed to Patrick due to the fact he is reporting on the indie/mod/PC games scene, almost exclusively at this time. Although he may be slightly OTT with his hankering for hipster titles such as Joust and Hotline Miami, I generally dig his coverage, and I think he could bring even more to the site if utilized more effectively.

Focus on the PC modding scene, the weird European imports and retro gaming. Spare reviewing the next military FPS, because the type of person that visits Giantbomb doesn't care about it anymore.

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Walking Dead and Journey are the only games I give a fuck about this year.

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So far this year, Journey and The Walking Dead are what have left an impression on me. DayZ however, which is the realization of the game of my dreams, is the real highlight.

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28th November is the release date.

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Bootleg radio tapes? It's like late 90's Loveline all over again.

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@Claude said:

I still play video games, but what do they all mean anymore.
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Americans have gone crazy with the labelling and the disorder-society, and it's spreading to Europe as well. They're just trying to sell you medication, people.