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My GPU gets to around 75C whilst playing DayZ. Newer AMD cards are good for about 95C max, anything under is fine.

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You shouldn't, just get a legit copy of the PC version and enjoy the endless amounts incredible content on Steam Workshop.

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PC. Cheaper, better performance and graphical quality. I can also put Big Picture mode through it's paces as I plan to play with a controller and get all the achievements.

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It's great Trackmania music.

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Kunt explained.

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Lost wasn't about the destination, it was about the journey. I have never been so in love with a piece of media as I was when I first discovered Lost.

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You've got a really generous dad, haven't you?

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I don't understand it. I mean I've got some nice gear, but I'm not going to get into some penis waving contest about it.

It's not about showing off, I genuinely just can't believe how expensive Beats are. I expected far better than what I heard yesterday during my own testing.

The mark up is just ridiculous, no wonder they make so much damn money.

Truly is the Rosetta Stone of headphones.

The Norton Antivirus of headphones.