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Since Demonoid got shut down I've been trying to find a decent private tracker to continue building my audio-book collection. If anyone could hit me up with an invite, that'd be super cool.

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I think there were 4? Quick Looks in the entirety of last week. I'm really starting to think they must all have part-time jobs or something, it's getting ridiculous.

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I was playing with a friend earlier and couldn't believe how much fun I was having with a fantasy mmo. At no point in the 3 hours we played did I find myself bored, or with a lack of interesting content to dive into.

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Refusal to do more ER's at the same time as lame excuses about no games being released means I will not be resubbing.

Live stuff is boring as hell, Quick Looks have become cynical and painful to watch.

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I just fucking pushed Omid off that bridge because I thought he'd be too pussy to jump.

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I miss Lilly. Crazy bitch gone and took the R.V, but I still miss her.

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Give me a high quality poster of that, for the love of God.

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This totally reminds me of Jeff's award winning Persona 4 : Arena review idea on the Bombcast.

"It was Monday, and my finger really hurt..."

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