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Fucking Bioware moderators, they lock everything on site, even discussion threads. Anyone remember Stanry Roo?

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In the last year i've joined a gym and started playing for a Sunday league football team. Feels good man.

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When I built my current build, I decided to strap on not one but two fans to pump air into that 2500k. If your CPU cooler supports this, I recommend it highly. My 6870, on the other hand, gets pretty toasty in the summer time, so i've been forced to crank up the fan speed to the 60-65% range when playing depending games such as ARMA.

Strap it on.

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Getting a cool Judge Dredd/Bacon vibe off of this painting, great job, duder.

Also, that fucked up painting above is a Francis Bacon piece.

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Empire: Total War, please.

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Reminds me of Michael Douglas's character in Falling Down.

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Brings a tear to my eye, what an hero.

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Big Jeffrey, Saucepan-man and Moon-face merchandise, please!

Silky the fairy? Shiiiit.

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Very high on my list of all-time favourite TNTs, or in fact just live streams in general. So much hilarity.

Kinect launch day just pips it for me.