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I was so into the AC storyline, I never expected the crap ending I saw today. Instead of somewhat giving closure, 2 choices of 2 different endings were offered yet you didn't get to chose what ending you wanted to see. Instead of the more realistic first ending offered, we were treated to some off the wall crap ass ending, where a first civilization being uploaded herself into a big ass living machine just waiting to be unlocked thousands of years later. So Juno needs Desmond (because of his DNA which is a mixture of human and 1st civ) to unlock her from her prison. This is a bullshit ending if I haven't said that already. I was personally hoping to see more of the Adam and Eve 1st civ stuff like I saw in AC2, but this game was poorly executed, I didn't enjoy the lame collectibles and I miss being able to upgrade things. I hated the Manor, so boring and the basement was horribly designed, nothing like AC2. So back to the bullshit ending....Juno being the true villain, i mean at least use something realistic as a villain, something plausible. The 1st civ created 6 different methods to avoid the 12/21/2012 catastrophe. Here is my question: Desmond claimed to have witnessed through a vision of the future from Juno the launch of the Abstergo satellite on Dec 21....but why didn't he see the catastrophe itself? This leads me to believe that 12/21/2012 was a grand manipulation of power by Juno. The grand temple was created to house all 6 solutions but the way the 12/21/2012 would be solved was by the 4 towers Juno spoke of, they actually were finished thousands of years later. We now have to figure out what Juno's role is...does she want revenge for the death of her husband? Is she actually seeking to find a new vessel? "So we forged a new vessel. One that might endure. It proved easy enough to enter. But to leave....to leave required something more. Something wrong"- Juno. Lastly as I end my rant, Juno spoke a line that stuck with me..."What once was, shall be again"...and we have known since AC2 that the 1st Civ sought to save their kind, maybe Juno is seeking to revive her species and now that Desmond has unlocked her...well who knows what else Desmond has released in the grand temple.....R.I.P Desmond, great start but your death IMO was manipulated by a image stuck in a prison, Desmond 12/21/2012 IMO would have been a normal day. Maybe Ab would have released that satellite with that piece of eden.....or maybe Desmond actually caused the very thing he sought to prevent.